Shan Hai Neeko

This Neeko rework interaction can kill her instantly

By Nicholas James


Apr 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The new Neeko rework allows her to turn into minions, monsters, wards, traps, and more, and it has some pretty hilarious consequences.

The new Neeko rework has hugely reworked her shapeshifting passive. It used to be that Neeko could disguise herself as members of her own team, but it’s become much more complicated than that. With the new rework on PBE, Neeko has become able to transform into allied minions, neutral monsters, other champions’ traps, and even wards. Being able to transform into such a wide array of inhabitants of Summoner’s Rift leads to new interactions that can kill the Shapeshifter instantly.

Minion Dematerializer and Smite can kill Neeko now

Given that she can transform into allied minions and jungle monsters, Neeko’s suddenly susceptible to effects that target those types of units. In particular, new interactions with Minion Dematerializer and Smite lead to Neeko being incredibly vulnerable while disguised as these types of units. Minion Dematerializer is granted by the Inspiration rune of the same name and grants an item that can instantly execute enemy minions after a short delay. And as it turns out, that item works on Neeko while she’s disguised as a minion. It also works with the jungler-exclusive spell Smite, which deals a burst of true damage to a target jungle monster, which includes Neeko while she’s disguised as one.

It may seem niche, but these sorts of interactions add an extra layer of danger when Neeko is disguising herself as non-champion units. The Smite interaction is the most likely to result in Neeko’s death in a regular game of League of Legends, but the danger of disguising herself as a jungle monster doesn’t end there. Effects like Ekko and Diana’s passives also deal their bonus to a Neeko disguised as a monster. While the Neeko rework allows you to be more creative, it also poses more risks when using its new forms.


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