This might be the fastest USP 4K you’ll ever see in CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Complexity’s in-game leader Benjamin “blameF” Bremer helped his team secure the first victory in the ESL Pro League season 13 opening match by his impeccable shot-calling and a smooth pistol kill streak. 

The blameF-led roster looked confident from the outset, despite kicking off the game on FunPlus Phoenix’s map pick Nuke. On their own turf Dust2, the team barred all entries on the Counter-Terrorists side and rallied on FunPlus Phoenix on terrorist half, clean sweeping the game in a 2-0 fashion. The IGL played a vital role in the win, clutching crucial rounds for the team. 

While Nuke was a cakewalk for Complexity, FunPlus Phoenix was industrious in its efforts to win on the second map. The team finished the first half on 7-8, which pointed towards a potential third map. However, blameF turned the tables in four taps of his USP. Gathering information by pushing deep in A short, the IGL quickly slid back inside A. Hiding at A ramp, blameF awaited FunPlus Phoenix’ hard-push. 

How blameF pulled off this insane USP 4K

The four Terrorists stepped into the lion’s den. Despite a hazy vision from the enemy’s flash, blameF picked off Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, Asger “farlig” Jensen, and Jesse “zehN” Linjala in hardly one second. His view was still partially blurred from the molotov, but the skipper continued his assault, taking down the final player at A-short. The shooting lasted for a few seconds, bringing Complexity closer to their first win in ESL Pro League season 13. 

The skipper looked in fine feathers throughout the second map as he secured another sleek one versus two clutch, earning the team’s first victory. While IGL’s are often not pushed to excel in the firepower department, blameF’s aim has always earned him effortless kills. His crisp gunning skills has helped him average a rating of 1.16, the highest in his team. His four kills streak doesn’t come off as a surprise, as blameF is often regarded as one of the best aimers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

BlameF trounces FPX with a pistol 4k in ESL Pro League 

Complexity entered the game as the favorites against FunPlus Phoenix and successfully managed to live up to the status. The team wiped out the enemies on their own pick, Nuke finishing at 16-6 and continued the onslaught on the second map, Dust 2 at 16-10. The team has now bagged the first three points in the Group A of ESL Pro League Season 13.