This Jett dash trick lets her kill enemies from the sky

Fariha Bhatti • July 14, 00:45

Jett remains the most “insta-picked” agent in Valorant, and this new dash trick only cements that further. 

Valorant’s speediest agent Jett can dominate large maps with her mobility-focused kit. However, her dash can also be impactful in catching enemies huddled in smaller areas. A Valorant player has discovered a new, easy, and effective dash lineup on Ascent. 

Valorant’s duelist roster is crammed with five viable agents, but Jett has managed to retain her spot as the most played. The ability to fly and dash is her forte, as no other agent has similar sprinting powers. Previously, many players showcased their unique updraft and dash combos that cover large areas. But, a user named Big Resist has found a lineup that gives Jett Spider-like movement to annihilate enemies in Mid-Market. 

The player moved into the little nook next to Market using her hover, where planks are stacked up. Activating the dash, the player hit the upper corner of the brick wall, hoisting himself up to the wooden grid ceiling. Due to the short duration of the dash, the player had only a short window to kill the enemies while floating mid-air. However, it was enough time to remove the unaware enemy Jett in market. 

This new dash lineup can be highly effective in ranked games on Ascent. The Market is a crucial spot where enemies often get huddled up while trying to open the doors. Spamming the entries can take some time, so it’s an ideal moment for a Jett to dash on them and take them out when they least expect it. Players can also use this tactic to gain intel, shoot through the doors to keep enemies at bay, and potentially kill them.

While it’s a valuable tactic, it’s still hard to execute flawlessly. Squeezing the full juice out of Jett’s kit isn’t an easy task. The agent requires impeccable movement and a quick reaction times. This particular tactic may require a lot of time in a practice server, but it’ll be worth it when you land satisfying kills in market through the patchwork roof.

What’s the best agent to play on Ascent? 

Almost all duelists are viable of Ascent, but Killjoy is also a very strong pick. The joyous agent can singlehandedly cover a site and the middle part of the map with the help of her turrets. She can also spread her kit on smaller areas to shut down enemy advances. 


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