This is why Orisa is the best hero in the Overwatch 2 beta

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The best hero of Overwatch 2 is a perfect storm of ability reworks and system changes.

While the hype surrounding new hero Sojourn is real, tank Orisa is the breakout star of the Overwatch 2 beta. Between her multiple ability reworks and the system changes to tanking, the Kenyan mech is practically a must-pick hero for serious players. Here’s why Orisa is the best character in the Overwatch 2 public beta, plus all her major changes from Overwatch 1.

Orisa improved in Overwatch 5v5 meta

To understand what makes Orisa so strong, it’s important to know how system changes affect tanks specifically. With only one tank per side, the class must tick as many boxes as possible for defensive play. The ideal tank has an initiation ultimate, a defensive tool, a ton of health, and some kind of mobility. 

With that in mind, Orisa’s kit is extremely well-rounded and difficult to play into. Javelin Spin can clear a path for the team while deflecting powerful projectiles. Meanwhile, her 500 health, which is half armor, is enough to absorb whatever gets through.

Javelin Surge provides a medium-range damage option, and pinning an enemy to a wall deals an insane 120 damage while stopping their abilities. Fortify took a slight nerf, but the new tank passive that reduces knockback effects make it feel similar in practice.

And Terra Surge hasn’t even been mentioned yet. Orisa’s ultimate creates a giant ring around her that slows enemies and then ends in a giant burst. The basic combo is Javelin Spin to get close, then Terra Surge, and then activate Terra Surge as soon as the fastest enemy starts to leave. Combined with the initial suction effect, Terra Surge is a big highlight ultimate with plenty of room for creativity.

Orisa rework makes her the best Overwatch 2 hero

Orisa’s brand new playstyle is only possible thanks to a bundle of reworks brought by Overwatch 2.

Orisa is possibly the most-changed character from their original Overwatch debut. She lost three whole abilities: Proactive Barrier, Halt!, and Supercharger. The short of it is that Orisa’s strong tanking has been adapted to fit the faster pace of the game. Now she contributes directly to fights instead of helping her teammates shine.

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Players who loved old Orisa may take a while to get used to the changes. Orisa was previously more focused on buffing her teammates with shields and damage boosts. Now she’s a much more active character with potential for huge damage even at further ranges. In addition to being the best Overwatch 2 hero for the beta, Orisa is also crazy fun to play.


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