This is what happens when you combine Mirage and Dust 2

Fariha Bhatti • January 9, 2021 8:48 pm

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has this separate league of players who strictly play only two maps, Mirage and Dust II. One of these CSGO fans has created a bewildering design by merging the two long-time favorites into one. 

The map Dust II carries its legacy from CS 1.6 days, whereas Mirage gained popularity in CSGO. Despite Valve’s addition of modern locations, Mirage and Dust II continued to be the most played maps in the game. With dusty themes and dull colors, both locations share many similarities. However, it’s the unique chokepoints and tight corners of Mirage that sets it apart from Dust II’s spacious outlook. 

A Redditor named DoorPrivileges has created a treat for the fans by combining the two popular locates and creating a map called Durage.

The map design is extremely perplexing for those who’ve played either of one before. The designer has taken both maps’ A sites, critical angles, and entrances to create his version of a merger. The Terrorist spawn looks quite similar to Dust II as it leads to A long double doors. At first glance, A long looks like good old Dust II, but instead of CT spawn the creator has added Mirage’s underpass that leads to the connector. So instead of entering Dust II’s wide middle area, players enter an enclosed space.

A-site amalgamation seems much simpler when compared with middle. The mid-site has Mirage’s underpass, connector, and AWPER’s den, but with DUST II’s high-mid. The top area connects with T spawn double doors. 

B-site is the most basic part of this map as it’s much less confusing. Mirage’s palace, A entrance, and wide Counter-Terrorist ramp create a simple and spacious B site. 

The fun part about this map is the combination of Dust II’s wide angles and Mirage’s close interiors. The mix of two brings best of Dust II and Mirage to the table. The complex amalgamation seems to favour the CT side due to close cubbies and tight corners to hold. However, multiple entrances in A-site can make defence a bit challenging for the CTs. 

The map creator has said that it took him two days to create a basic skeleton for the map. He posted his work progress, which showed that the map took eight days to finally be playable. Currently, Durage has stark walls and no textures, but the creator has said that he aims to add more details.

Durage is currently available on steam workshop for everyone to play. 


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