This is the best way to use image upload in WWE 2K22

Steven Rondina • March 12, 2022 8:38 am

WWE 2K22 offers players an enormous level of customization, and that includes the return of the image upload option.

Players have the ability to add images to their custom creations in WWE games. There are many different ways to utilize this tool, ranging from placing Bullet Club logos on wrestlers’ gear to adding custom portraits to created wrestlers to recreating iconic arenas.

The trouble is that this tool is gated behind an awkward setup on the game’s website. Using this is essential for creating high-quality custom creations, but the game offers vague directions on how to use it and how to best utilize it.

Here’s how to use WWE 2K22’s image upload feature and the best ways to utilize it.

How to use image upload in WWE 2K22

  1. Find image and re-size it to be either a banner 1024 pixels wide or a square image
  2. Go to the WWE 2K22 website
  3. Select platform your game is on
  4. Sign in on Xbox, PlayStation Network, or Steam account
  5. Select image type
  6. Upload image
  7. In WWE 2K22, go to the “online” tab, then community creations. Your image should appear in the “image manager”
  8. Find your image in the customizer under the “custom images” category.

The image upload feature in WWE 2K22 allows players to upload a square image at 128×128, 256×256, 512×512, or 1024×1024. They can also upload banners sized 1024×512, 1024×256, or 1024×128. It’s recommended that images be set to these dimensions to guarantee they appear properly in WWE2K22.

These images are effectively used for logos that can be applied to custom wrestler attire, championships, arenas, videos, and more. The most obvious way to utilize this is applying it to wrestling gear, but players are only limited by their imaginations.

Worth noting is that there is also the “face photo” option on the WWE 2K22 website. This allows players to effectively use a real-life photograph as a texture layer on their created wrestler. Players can utilize this to make a custom wrestler look as realistic as possible.

Ideally, this will use a passport-style portrait with a person looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression. Players can get creative with portraits that may not have this ideal framing, but it’s definitely best to use an image that looks similar to what you would find on a driver’s license.

Alongside this is the ability to add custom portraits for wrestlers. This allows players to create wrestlers that look like like an official WWE 2K22 release. That means players can beat developer 2K to the punch on releasing upcoming wrestler additions like Cactus Jack and Yokozuna.


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