Viper Fracture

This is the best way to open Fracture’s B-site with Viper

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fracture recently got a face-lift, and while it was always Viper’s home turf, the new changes make the agent’s kit more appealing. 

Viper’s poisonous toolkit shines on complex layouts where your usual controller may slack off. She’s equipped with a vertical wall that redefines the smoker category in Valorant, which is why she’s one of the best agents to run on Fracture. Riot recently licked Fracture into shape, making it more balanced for both sides. Viper’s kit still remains highly robust, this new setup for attacking B shows. 

A player named Light demonstrated how Viper’s smoke and screen combined can help break open B site and retain control until the end. 

How to open Fracture’s B site with Viper


Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are the two tools that can help break into bomb point B. Using the Snake Bite, players can also keep the defenders away from the Spike and ultimately win the round. 

For this setup, walk towards B tree and attach yourself to the wall facing the entrance, as shown in the video. Then, equip the Toxic Screen and place the crosshair on the right side of the lamp. Release the wall and, with your teammates’ assistance, get an entry into the site. Activate the screen when you’re close to B-main. Viper’s wall will block out the double entrance on the right side, clearing the way to bust open B. 

Once you’ve cleared out the default rat angles, plant the Spike for the safe cubby on B-site. Make sure the Spike is planted in the middle. After activating the bomb, stand in the middle of the cubby right where the two tiles meet. Then place your crosshair on the ceiling, as shown in the video. Release the smoke orb and get to safety, preferably on the tower, to line up the post-plant incendiary. 

This one-way smoke is likely the best way to ensure the Spike blows. The smoke will blind defenders defusing the Spike, but their lower body will become an easy target to shoot at. Even fake tapping would be a long shot for defenders for as long as Viper lives. Throwing Snake Bite from this angle will double down on the decoy, finishing off enemies who stick around for long enough. 

This is by far one of the most viable Viper setups on Fracture’s B site. With the support of teammates, this particular setup will work almost every single time.