This is the best Decidueye build for Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Nov 19, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Decidueye has arrived in Pokemon Unite and now the question is, “What’s the best way to build it?”

Decidueye is possibly the most traditional MOBA character in all of Pokemon Unite. While many have similarities to heroes and champions from Dota 2 and League of Legends, Decidueye is a pure carry character without any especially flashy abilities. Instead, the Pokemon’s basic attack is its greatest weapon, with the ability to blow up entire teams in the right situation.

Here’s the proper way to build Decidueye in order to take advantage of those tools.

Best build for Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

Decidueye’s passive and moves are all about being able to blow up enemies, offering stacking attack speed and multi-shot. This makes the Pokemon a constant threat where opponents can’t really confidently play around cooldowns. That doesn’t mean that moves aren’t important, though.

Picking out the right moves for Decidueye is still important, as maximizing its attack power doesn’t come naturally. Here’s the best way to build Decidueye to carry games. Here is a full list of the Pokemon’s moves and abilities.


Leafage is the preferred starting attack for Rowlet. The move deals damage in a cone-shaped AOE and boosts Rowlet’s attack. This makes it a better option than Astonish for both clearing early camps and early engagements.

Razor Leaf

Razor Leaf is the preferred upgrade to Leafage. Its ability to let Decidueye hit multiple targets with regular attacks turns Decidueye into a massive threat to the entire team, and when this is coupled with its passive it can allow Decidueye to melt everything in the neighborhood.

Shadow Sneak

For the upgrade to Astonish, Leaf Storm is the superior defensive tool while Shadow Sneak is the better offensive tool. Decidueye ought to be built for all-out offense, making this a fairly obvious choice. Shadow Sneak also gives Decidueye a much-needed tool for one-on-one situations, letting it pursue and snipe down opposing Pokemon.

Decidueye Unite Move

Decideueye’s Unite Move is Nock Nock, which is effectively a super-powered version of Bulbasaur’s Razor Leaf. The attack does damage over time in a line from Decidueye, but the damage is amplified on low-health targets and the angle of the attack can be rotated freely around Decidueye.

Best Pokemon Unite items for Decidueye

  • Buddy Barrier
  • Scope Lens
  • Muscle Band
  • Eject Button

Decidueye is a Pokemon that’s all about its basic attack and the best build steers into that. Muscle Band and Scope Lens both increase Decidueye’s attack damage, which is ideal given what the Pokemon is capable of.

Buddy Barrier is an exception in this regard, but with the Pokemon Unite meta still largely revolving around large team fights around Zapdos and Drednaw, it’s a must-have in serious play.

As with Buddy Barrier, Eject Button is just basically a staple for every Pokemon at this point. It allows players to blink away from death, blink towards a fleeing enemy, or blink into position for a big play.