Pink Mercy Overwatch 2

This is not a drill: Pink Mercy is back in Overwatch 2

By Olivia Richman


Jun 13, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

After seven long years, Overwatch 2 players can finally get the coveted Pink Mercy skin again.

The entire Overwatch 2 fandom remembers when Overwatch revealed a Pink Mercy skin back in 2018. It had pastel pink-tipped pigtails, ribbons, and a flashy pink and white outfit. For a short time, it was only available to those who made a donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But so many gamers wanted this waifu skin that $12.7 million was raised.

Since then, players have been begging for the skin’s return. Some even wondered why Blizzard was unwilling to bring back Pink Mercy if it meant donating a massive amount to the BCRF again.

Well, the gorgeous skin is finally returning.

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How to get the Pink Mercy skin in OW2

On June 13, Blizzard announced the return of Pink Mercy. From June 25 to July 8, you can pay $15 to get the Pink Mercy skin. That’s it!

There’s also a new Rose Gold Mercy skin. This skin comes in a bundle with other cosmetics for $20. This will also go towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“Blizzard is thrilled to be working alongside BCRF once again, bringing attention and funding to such an important cause,” Blizzard president Johanna Faries said in an announcement.

Grab the Pink Mercy skin while you can to add this coveted skin to your collection and support a good cause. There’s no telling when it will return.

Overwatch 2 community reacts to Pink Mercy skin

Pink Mercy’s return always has a mix of emotions. For the most part, Overwatch 2 players — especially Mercy main and coomers — are excited at the skin’s return. Overwatch 2 fans have been asking for its return for quite some time so it’s looking like another great fundraiser as well as an opportunity to have one of the most pretty Mercy skins in the game.

There are always some haters, however. A few Overwatch 2 players have expressed that a skin returning makes it less special for those that shelled out the cash initially. The skin is not as exclusive and coveted when it’s not as rare to come by. But since it’s for a good cause, this sentiment is not as common.