This is how to pull off the new Alistar double knock-up combo

Christian Vejvad • June 11, 00:04

A new Alistar combo has been discovered in League of Legends and it will lock up an enemy for what seems like an eternity. 

In a recent post on social media, a player discovered a brand-new combo on Alistar that includes a double knock-up. The combo can be pulled off fairly early in the game and will stun the opponent for quite a while. The combo isn’t the easiest to pull off but will likely be able to gain big advantages in both solo queue and potentially professional games. 

To pull off the new Alistar combo, players need fast fingers and the right combination of abilities. The first thing required is an item like Ironspike Whip, which has an active with a small cast time. With this cast time, Alistar is able to buffer his abilities and pull off the combo. The combo also works with other items with similar cast times. 

With the item in place, players need to start out by using Trample (E) followed up with Headbutt (W). While charging the Headbutt, press the active item and Pulverize (Q) like in a normal CC combo with Alistar. Instead of letting the combo go through, players must be quick and right-click to cancel the Pulverize. 

By canceling the Q, Alistar will stun the enemy without knocking it back. After the stun is over, Alistar can proceed to use Pulverize and auto-attack for yet another stun from the Trample. When the combo is pulled off correctly, the enemy will have been stunned a total of three times without a chance at getting out.  

The combo looks like this: 

E >> W >> Ironspike Whip >> Q >> Right-click to cancel >> Q >> Auto-attack

Even though this combo will be very effective if pulled off correctly, it’s not something that players should expect to stay in the game for good. The current interaction is likely not something Riot intended and will probably prove to be way too strong. Alistar previously had the infamous “recall combo” which ultimately got hotfixed by Riot. 

Since this combo was just discovered, it’s possible that it will stay in the game for a bit. But expect Riot to hotfix it eventually. 


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