This is the best way to play Valorant’s newest agent Neon

Fariha Bhatti • January 17, 2022 12:48 pm

Agent 19 Neon is speedy, stylish, and aggressive. Here’s how to play Neon in your ranked games to counter fast-paced agents like Jett.

Jett’s mobility tactics ruled Valorant’s duelist roster until Neon arrived. The latest agent is the yin to Jett’s yan, as she can counter the wind ranger’s tricks. Both agents are fast, but they’re also opposite of each other. If you’re tired of Jett’s dominance, you might want to learn Neon’s kit.

Here’s how to play Valorant’s agent 19 Neon

How to play Neon in Valorant 

Neon is the sixth Valorant duelist and she is unlike any other. The agent reserves oceanic electricity within her body, which allows her to run with the speed of light and electrocute enemies. Neon is a Radiant from the Philippines tasked with countering fast agents in Valorant. This is how you should use each of her abilities in ranked games. 

Fast Lane (C)

Fast Lane is an upgraded version of Pheonix and Viper’s wall. The barriers render damage to enemies who dare cross it. They provide maximum cover as they block both sides, unlike other screens in Valorant. 

Neon’s barriers work wonders on large maps, so picking her on Ascent, Breeze, Haven is recommended. Using her Fast Lane, players can easily break into sites with extended entryways like Haven’s C, Ascent’s A, and Breeze’s B site. If you’re creating a safe route to site, make sure you aim at an opening while setting down the barrier. The barrier should go through walls if the projectile doesn’t hit a solid object.

Try not to execute a heavy push via the wall in high-ranked games. Enemies will likely hold the portal and spray down through the walls, which is extremely risky—request one of your Sentinels to lock the starting point. On defense, use Neon’s barriers on vast grounds to divide the duels. Sometimes, enemies would push in groups, and escaping in such situations could be tricky. Your best bet is putting up the Fast Lane and picking one duel at a time. 

Relay Bolt (Q) 

Relay Bolt is Neon’s concuss that’s likely one of the most viable bolts in the current meta. The concussive device splits into two upon bouncing, something that no other bolt in Valorant can do. 

For 200 creds, players get two bolts. Use them wisely to slow down enemies and draw them out of hiding points. On attack, use these concussive blasts to push into defenders when they’re vulnerable and their vision hazy. On defense, keep your Relay Bolts safe to delay enemy pushes. The AoE of this device is large enough to cover wide entrances. A five-meter radius can pause enemies on Ascent, Breeze, Bind, and other maps. 

High Gear (E)

On High Gear, Neon draws all her energy into her leg muscles, running at an increased speed and diving across the map. The agent can slide up to seven meters, but she must bag at least two kills to restock her dive. 

High Gear is one of her most potent abilities as it allows her to escape risky situations in the blink of an eye. Pair this ability with Neon’s curtains to run into the site and take enemies by surprise. When entering a dangerous area, make sure you wrap the High Gear with a slide. Enemies will have to aim downwards to shoot a crouched Neon. They can easily injure the duelist while she’s running, so diving is crucial in some instances. 

Overdrive (X) 

On Overdrive, Neon accumulates all her oceanic electricity into the tip of her fingers, shooting laser blasts that render a maximum of 22 damage. Her power tank fills back up with each kill but depletes quickly as well. 

Overdrive is most useful when there are multiple enemies in sight. Her electricity tank depletes fast, so players must get quick kills to squeeze full juice out of this seven-point ultimate. Fire a beam and transfer fire towards the next target to quickly refill the tank and prepare to switch positions. It’s worth noting that Neon’s High Gear activates automatically on her ultimate to ensure maximum mobility. 


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