This is how to get free skins in Dota 2

Kenneth Williams • November 9, 01:40

New Dota 2 players can jumpstart their armory with a few free skins, all courtesy of Valve.

As part of early 2021’s learning experience update, Dota 2 players now have a simple way to earn a bunch of free skins in the popular MOBA. By completing intro quests, players can earn individual cosmetic pieces for many different heroes. Even experienced Dota 2 players might find it worthwhile to run the tutorials in order to claim these skins.

The intro quests for Dota 2 are located in the learn tab located at the top of the game client. The welcome tab will present you with a list of tutorials to complete. Each batch will reward a small package of Dota 2 skins. By learning the game’s basic mechanics, players can earn several custom weapons, an emote set, a custom courier, and even an Axe announcer pack. Dota 2’s free beginner skins also include entire sets for beginner-friendly heroes such as Sniper, Juggernaut, Drow Ranger, and Witch Doctor.

How item drops work in Dota 2

Experienced players probably ignore the mechanic, but Dota 2 actually has a system that gives every player skins just for playing matches. Dota 2’s item drop system gives each player a chance to earn bonus drops after a game. These free skins usually aren’t worth much, but they do represent a consistent source of free and easy skins that don’t cost a dime.

Dota 2’s free item drop system works like this. When you finish a game of Dota 2, the server randomly chooses if you will receive a free skin. While the chance is entirely random, it appears to favor players who have played many matches without a drop. VAC-banned or low priority accounts are not eligible for Dota 2 drops. Winning or losing the match has no effect on the roll. The list of possible drops is publicly available, with the most up-to-date free Dota 2 skins list found here.

While they’re usually just bits and pieces of low-rarity sets, free Dota 2 skin drops can be expensive cosmetics like mythical sets or even arcanas. It’s rare, but players can earn a $35 or greater skin after every game of Dota 2 they play. To keep players honest, these skins are not sellable on the Steam community market. They can be gifted once, and only once, to a Steam friend. Their unmarketable status lets you brag to other players about just how lucky you really are.


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