This is how to change your name and Riot ID in Valorant

By Olivia Richman


Nov 18, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Sometimes players want to switch up their in-game names. Luckily, it’s quite easy to do so in Valorant, Riot’s new tactical first-person shooter.

How often can you change your name in Valorant?

Players can change their Valorant display name once every 30 days. Valorant players can change their tagline every 30 days as well, according to their Riot ID FAQ blog.

Since players can only change their ID once every month or so, make sure it’s a name that can be enjoyed for that duration of time.

What is a Riot ID?

The in-game Valorant name is actually a player’s Riot ID. This is a combination of a player’s gamertag and a hashtag made up of between three and five numbers and letters. This unique combination makes it easier for other players to add each other on Valorant and in other Riot titles, such as League of Legends.

The hashtag allows multiple players to use the same display name as long as the letters and numbers that follow are different. Only the gamertag will show up within Valorant, so this is the part players will want to have displayed to other competitors. Hashtags are solely used for adding friends.

What part of your Riot ID can you change?

Players can change their full Riot ID. That means both the display name and the hashtag.

It doesn’t cost money to change a Riot ID. League of Legends used to require players to use their Riot Points to update the Summoner name. Luckily, that’s not the case with Valorant.

Keep in mind that Riot is now forcing name changes if a player’s Riot ID is considered offensive. Names that include hate speech, slurs, and other names that violate Riot’s Code of Conduct will leave players with no choice but to pick a new Riot ID.

“This is just another step of many we’re taking to make Valorant truly welcome for all,” Riot tweeted.

How to change your Riot ID

Changing a Riot ID is luckily very simple. Players should first log into their Riot account on Once they are logged in, they can click “RIOT ID” on the left side of the account box.

Inside the account box, players will see an “edit” icon shaped like a pencil. It’s just to the right of the current Riot ID. Click the pencil and players will be able to enter a new display name and hashtag. The hashtag can be randomized if players don’t have a specific set of numbers and letters in mind.

After a player writes their new Riot ID, simply press “submit.” This should confirm the name change.

That’s it! It’s quite easy to update a Riot ID in Valorant. Players only need to know where to look. Feel free to change it again in just 30 days!


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