This insane Tormenter glitch can kill the enemy fountain

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Think your Dota 2 games are toxic? A new glitch involving Io, Primal Beast, and a Tormentor can turn every game into a nightmare.

Dota 2 players are almost as clever as they are mean. If there’s a way to ruin the enemy team’s good time, they’ll find it. 7.33 introduced a ton of new mechanics designed to make the game fresh and fun, but it was only a matter of time before fans found a way to use them for the forces of evil.

There’s a new glitch that allows players to kill the enemy fountain, and the effect is absolutely devastating.

How to do the fountain-killed Tormentor glitch

The glitch involves a Primal Beast, Io, and either Tormentor. By sequencing abilities in the right order, you can plop a Tormentor right in the enemy base.

To perform the glitch (which will definitely be patched out soon), have Primal Beast target the Tormentor with his ultimate ability Pulverize. Meanwhile, have Io use Tether on the Primal Beast and then relocate to the enemy fountain. This will cause Io, Primal Beast, and the Tormentor to suddenly appear right in the most dangerous part of the map. 

The fountain will likely kill both players, but it will leave the Tormentor in the enemy fountain, which will target it. The miniboss’ damage reflection ability will somehow reflect the damage back onto the fountain, which is usually invulnerable and untargetable. This causes the fountain to kill itself, resulting in a wide range of problems for the enemy team to deal with. It can also be used on your own fountain, if you so desire. 

The result is that enemies will no longer heal back to full when coming home to fountain. The damaging turret also disappears, making fountain diving a total walk in the park. In the example shown above, Techies can simply walk in and place mines to blow up players as they respawn. Worst of all, couriers will no longer respawn after dying, potentially trapping items in the shadow realm.


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