This insane Omen TP trick lets you sneakily retrieve Spike

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 23, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Larger Valorant maps can be tough to tackle, but not when you have the shadow agent Omen on your side. A new discovery shows Omen’s unique interaction with the Spike. 

Riot Games has recently expanded Valorant’s map pool with diverse locations that are relatively large. It’s tricky to pick the perfect agent for these maps in the current fast-paced meta. However, this new trick shows that Omen might be the ideal pick on all vast, defender-sided maps. 

Unlike other agents, Omen can interact with Spike while he’s canceling his ultimate. Not many players know this fact, and those who’re aware don’t effectively use this trick. Players can snatch the Spike away from the enemy’s control by using Omen’s X ability. 

It’s pretty common for players to forget the Spike in spawn, drop it in defender-occupied areas, or just dying in the middle of the point while carrying the bomb. This is often a low-rank problem but is relatively common in higher ELO games as well.

While it sounds like a minor mistake, dropping Spike in the wrong areas can cost you an entire round as attackers. Defenders prefer to gain Spike control instead of picking aggressive duels with enemies, and dropping it simply brings you into the enemy’s crosshairs. 

Omen can help retrieve the Spike safely from one corner to another without giving enemies an advantage. The shadow agent has a unique ultimate that lets him travel across the map. Unlike other agents, Omen can cancel his X ability and return to the initial position. While the primary purpose of this feature is to let him teleport safely and garner intel, players are now using it to pick up the Spike. 

How to retrieve Spike with Omen

In a one versus X situation, retaining Spike can be a tall order. But here is how to pull it off.

  • Locate the Spike on your radar and activate Omen’s ultimate 
  • Teleport yourself on top of the Spike
  • Press F (or equip key) when you see the bomb 
  • Cancel the ultimate when you have the Spike 
  • You’ll travel back to safety, for example, from defender stacked point B to point A to plant the Spike. 

This is a rare trick that only Omen is capable of pulling off. No other agent in Valorant can cancel their ultimate mid-way and gain an advantage during the process, making Omen a must-pick on the larger map.