Brimstone in Valorant

This insane Brimstone molotov on Bind will blow your mind

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 20, 2021

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Team Liquid’s James “Kryptix” Affleck has demonstrated that Brimstone is still in the game despite Viper’s buffs with an insane molly that travels all the way across the map. 

Recent buffs to rejuvenate Viper have received a mixed response from Valorant players who think that the agent is now overpowered. Her damage-inflicting smokes are unique, making her a top pick for controller players. While many believed that the “Viper meta” will overshadow other controllers, Kyrptix went ahead and pulled off an incredible play with good old Brimstone. 

In a game against Fnatic in VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2: Challengers 2, Team Liquid was slacking a bit. On the third map Bind, Liquid needed four more rounds to equalize the round wins. The team put it all on the line and executed a hard B push. While his teammates rushed into Hookah, Kryptix lined up his galaxy brain molotov from B lobby. The launcher went over the Hookah, crossed the B site, and dropped deep in the elbow. Fnatic’s Domagoj “Doma” Fancev, who had pushed elbow and was now walking back in, missed the fire dropping. The player was caught unaware and promptly fried in Brimstone’s fire. 

The Team Liquid site control was impeccable. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom threw Phoenix’s fire to burn off enemies hiding in tight corners that paired well Kryptix’s lineup. The squad successfully took site control but failed to win the round. Their efforts came up short post-plant against Fnatic’s schemes, who broke their defences and defused the Spike. Team Liquid lost the round and ultimately lost the series, but the Brimstone molotov is worth a closer look.

How to do Kryptix’s Brimstone’s molotov on Bind

Team Liquid failed to win the round due to weak post-plant play, but Brimstone’s molotov proved that it could be extremely helpful in getting B site control on Bind. The molotov is barely noticeable by enemies holding B due to its altitude and it can be lined up before the round even starts. 

For this setup, attach yourself to the B hookah entrance and place your crosshair in the middle of the cloud, as shown in the image. 

Blog post image

Release the launcher as soon as the round begins, since this lineup takes five seconds to drop into the elbow. The fire will block the narrow hiding spot just when your teammates jump out of Hookah to take B site control.

This molly can also be highly effective in retake situation to block out at least one angle while you defuse the Spike. 


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