This glitched Overpass boost is OP, but totally legal to use

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new glitched boost spot on Overpass is making rounds on the internet, but it’s completely legit and good to use.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is known for its realistic and cut throat gameplay, but only dedicated players are familiar with the dark side of CSGO. The game is littered with longstanding bugs and absurd mechanics. CSGO’s black market tech now includes a boost so overpowered that players are convinced it’s a bug. It turns out the glitched spot on Overpass is legal and fair to use.

No, we are not talking about the notorious Olofboost. That one is undoubtedly banned. But, another Overpass boost has gone viral for being OP, yet fair.

How to do the new glitched boost on Overpass

A ledge on Overpass A shorts’ window lets players boost themselves on top, getting a clear view of the A site. It requires the help of a teammate to jump on top of the high angle. Once on the ledge, the third teammate can hop on top of you to pick off enemies in waters, pillars, and even the tower. Simply put, the entire Overpass A site becomes exposed for precise utility usage, damage, and even a kill if you’re a good shot.

At first glance, players assumed that it was a glitched spot involving a pixel boost. But it’s a fair angle, letting players sit on an existing window ledge. This has been confirmed in ESEA’s article, explaining what a pixel boost is. Using this spot as an example, the gaming service notes that the presence of a solid material prevents it from being a pixel boost.

Overpass boost

“This is not a pixel walk because the player is standing on the window ledge, even though it does not appear anything is directly below the player model at this angle,” ESEA says.

So CSGO players who love a unique gimmick are in for a treat. This boost can be used in official Matchmaking to spook off the counter-terrorists on A site. While you may not end up getting a kill, this glitched Overpass boost is a great way to garner early info and decide whether hitting A is a good idea or not.