This Fiddlesticks player uses his passive to backdoor opponents

Reading time: 2 min

Standing still and looking like a scarecrow worked wonders for a Fiddlesticks player in a wild ARAM game that shows just how effective the champion’s passive can be in the right circumstance.

In a recent clip trending on social media, a Fiddlesticks player managed to pull off an unexpected backdoor play that has likely never been seen before. The Fiddlesticks made use of his A Harmless Scarecrow passive to fool his enemies into thinking that he was one of the scarecrow trinkets. The trick was enough to fool the enemy team who ran past the Fiddlesticks, allowing an unorthodox backdoor to succeed. 

I utilized Fiddlesticks Passive to it’s fullest, leading to this stupid backdoor from r/leagueoflegends

In the later stages of an ARAM game, the Fiddlesticks and the rest of his team on the blue side had all structures destroyed with only the Nexus left to take. To end the game, a deciding fight occurred at the enemy inhibitor, but it went in favor of the enemy team who then started to push down the lane. 

What the enemy didn’t realize was that the real Fiddlesticks was still standing in the middle of their base, ready to backdoor. With the whole enemy team on its way down the lane, the Fiddlesticks had plenty of time and space to auto-attack the Nexus down. 

The allied Cho’Gath helped distract the enemies while Fiddlesticks got in the last few auto attacks to complete the jaw-dropping victory after 27 intense minutes in a game that saw a total of 148 kills. 


Is Fiddlesticks hard to play? 

Fiddlesticks is a fairly easy champion to get a grasp on, but is hard to master. Fiddlesticks has always been a champion that relies on hitting a good Crowstorm ultimate and that is still the case after his rework. Hitting a good ultimate can decide a fight, while missing it can spell disaster. After his rework, Fiddlesticks has gotten a bit simpler in his jungle clear with greater AOE damage at his disposal, but his team fighting remains hard to master as he is a squishy mage with few escape options. 

Is Fiddlesticks good in season 11?

Fiddlesticks is only played in the jungle in season 11 and is currently performing very well there. While Fiddlesticks isn’t often seen on the professional stage, he is commonly picked in solo queue. On patch 11.9, Fiddlesticks has a whopping 53.07% win rate at Platinum rank and higher. This is the fifth-highest win rate of all champions at those ranks. Fiddlesticks’ high win rates in solo queue have been going on for several patches and aren’t looking to slow down any time soon.