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This CSGO Wordle game has you guessing for gun skins

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Wordle and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are on opposite ends of the gaming spectrum, but fans can now combine both thanks to one smart programmer.

CSGO players love their gun skins, and now they can put their knowledge to the test. CSGOrdle is a new game developed by social media user hollalele. The game combines elements of Wordle with CSGO skins to create a fun daily game. The official CSGOrdle website is entirely free to use and resets daily.  

The game works similarly to Wordle, but instead of letters, players must guess a specific CSGO skin. Feedback includes the exact weapon, paint scheme, price, rarity, and even wear value of the particular skin. Check out the picture below for an example from March 14, 2022. Some categories are more vague than others, but rarity and price will indicate if the selected skin was too high or low depending on the guess.

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Tips to succeed at CSGO Wordle

CSGO skin Wordle is pretty tough, but there are a few tricks to start your first guesses off right.

There are a bunch of different categories, so a good idea is to pick a purple rarity field-tested rifle for the first choice. This selection will reveal several key details. Rifles are the most decorated skin category, so picking any rifle will give more info for the correct category than any other. Rarity is pretty simple to figure out as well, but figuring out the price can be tough. Options may vary between extremely expensive skins and budget options, so don’t be afraid to make massive leaps between guesses.

With all those factors in mind, consider using the humble Field-Tested M4A4 | Modern Hunter as your first CSGOrdle guess.

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If the rarity arrow points down, the skin must be Mil-Spec or lower. If it goes up, then it has to be pink or red. Float condition is also easy to determine, as there are only five choices and eight total guesses. That higher number of guesses compared to regular Woldle also opens up other strategies for the CSGO spinoff. Guesses have less opportunity cost, so if you have a particular hunch, it’s worth springing for it. Just remember to never repeat rarities or gun categories that you already know are incorrect.


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