This CSGO player scored 5 kills in just 1 AWP shot

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Five kills with a single AWP shot is something most players can only dream about, but one random player lived the dream in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

For the first time in recorded history, a CSGO player earned five kills from a single AWP shot in public matchmaking. The feat has been performed dozens of times in simulations, but this seems to be only the second time it has ever occurred naturally in a game. This may be the final time it is accomplished before the swap to Source 2. Here’s the insane clip and just how special a shot like this really is.

The clip was popularized by esports personality Jake Lucky, who posted it to his social media on April 10, 2023. The short video shows a normal setup for an aggressive B-site defense on Inferno. The player, named sp1cay, uses a grenade to set up a peak behind the car before firing the shot down the banana. Before anyone has time to react, the round is already over.

The event didn’t take place in a competitive match, as it appears to occur during a FACEIT-organized public game. Still, the rarity of the clip has cough tons of attention online. Jake Lucky has even confirmed a future interview with sp1cay about the shot. The player himself has stated that he doesn’t want to promote any personal projects or social media accounts. He just wants as many people as possible to witness his likely peak as a gamer.

Five kills in one AWP shot has been done once before

While extremely notable, sp1cay is actually not the very first gamer to ever earn this achievement. Another player named Dark_Moon landed nearly the exact same shot in the exact same spot in 2018.

Details on this event are harder to find, though the brief clip shows the immediate reactions to the event. There have also been cases where players have claimed to get five kills in one AWP shot, but almost all of them have been cleverly, or in some cases, blatantly staged. Nothing even close has happened in competitive CSGO esports, though two-player collaterals aren’t exactly uncommon.


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