This Chemtech Drake bug turns Sylas into Volibear permanently

By Nicholas James


Dec 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Resurrection effects in League of Legends have often led to a laundry list of bugs and unintended interactions over the MOBA’s many years. One of the preseason additions, Chemtech Drake, is the latest of these abilities that causes an assuredly unintended outcome. Thanks to the new dragon, Sylas can permanently assume Volibear’s form if the stars align.

How does the Chemtech Drake bug work?

This bug involves a couple of specific elements and requires exact timing in order to be able to pull off.

First, a Sylas with a Chemtech Drake Soul must steal the ultimate of an enemy Volibear. Then the Sylas must die and begin to proc the Chemtech Soul effect, resurrecting into a quickly-dying zombie form for a few brief moments. Just as the Sylas is about to die to the steady health drain of the Chemtech Soul, he needs to use the Volibear’s ult so that he dies mid-animation.

When Sylas steals an ultimate from another champion and casts it, a ghostly purple image of the champion appears around him to better telegraph what’s happening to allies and enemies. During Volibear’s ultimate Sylas disappears beneath this spectral imitation.

If the Sylas dies during Volibear’s ultimate, it triggers the Chemtech Drake bug, and he’ll respawn still in the garb of the Freljordian storm god. It doesn’t affect his abilities, but allies and enemies will see the purple god-spirit instead of the Demacian rebel.

Youtuber Hunefer was the first to note the new interaction and it quickly took fans’ attention. Chemtech Drake has been subject to its fair share of criticism for both its concealing vapors of chemical fogs and the soul effect. Bugs just add to the list of reasons why some fans are retiscent to see the changes go through in 2022, though this bug can be laid at the Sylas’ feet for the most part given his unusual kit.


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