This new build can make Lifestealer spell-immune for 2 minutes

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Going spell immune for even just a few seconds is valuable, but this wacky Lifestealer build pushes it to the next level.

Spell immunity is a valuable thing in Dota 2. Some argue that going Black King Bar is boring, but what could be more fun than doing whatever you want in a team fight? One creative Dota 2 player agrees, and they developed a Lifestealer build that allows him to go spell immune for 108 seconds straight. Here’s how to pull it off.

To get started with near-permanent spell immunity, Lifestealer needs a certain set of items that no one would normally get on the hero. Black King Bar is a given, but it’s backed by Octarine Core and Refresher Orb. This technique also requires the +1.5 second Rage duration talent at level 25. Last but not least, it also requires the use of tier five neutral item Ex Machina. Now that the game is at least an hour deep, it’s time to begin.

First, pop Black King Bar and then immediately activate Ex Machina. This will grant at least six seconds of spell immunity. Once BKB is up, activate Rage again. By the time the first Rage is over, Black King Bar is ready for use. Then Rage and pop Ex Machina again.

According to the player’s testing, this cycle of Lifestealer spell immunity can continue for up to 108 seconds. With a pocket Keeper of the Light, it’s possible to keep the cycle up for over two minutes. Everyone wants to see a Black King Bar on their carry player, but this might be taking it too far.

Is Lifestealer good in Dota 2 patch 7.30?

According to Dotabuff, Lifestealer currently sports a win rate of exactly 51%. While not as outright polarizing as more popular carries like Wraith King and Drow Ranger, Lifestealer has a solid niche as a counter to strength cores. That includes most offlane picks, which means he usually has a solid lane. Lifestealer is pretty easy to play, so he’s a decent hero to learn before potentially getting some buffs in patch 7.31.

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His main problem is his difficulty with kiting and considerable power drop during the midgame. Low strength gain makes it difficult to fight before acquiring a stat item or two. Spell immunity is strong, but the quick pace of most 7.30 team fights doesn’t always favor Lifestealer’s kit. Still, he’s a great fighting carry and a niche counter pick for late-game stars like Spectre and Medusa.


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