These were the most popular pro CSGO teams in 2020

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Which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team drew in the biggest audience in 2020?

The worldwide travel restrictions imposed in 2020 had a major impact on CSGO’s tournament circuit. Players were locked in their houses, and competition moved from LAN events to online competitions. But the teams kept competing, giving the fans endless hours of top-tier CSGO to watch. With 2020 behind us, we can look back and see which teams drew the biggest audience. 

The data is provided by Esportcharts. The site uses the total airtime a team has gotten and puts this next to the total amount of hours people watched that airtime. The results give us a clear winner.

The most popular CSGO team in 2020 is Natus Vincere

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The CSGO team that managed to draw in the biggest audience is Russian powerhouse Natus Vincere. The squad had a successful 2020, winning IEM Katowice and the BLAST Premier Global Final.

This success, combined with its Russian-speaking fanbase, amounted to a total of 61 million hours of watch time, making them the most popular CSGO team of 2020 by a huge margin. The second best was Astralis with 43 million hours watched. 

A team that scored surprisingly well is MIBR. While the Brazilian squad had a tumultuous 2020, it still was the third most popular team. The organization parted ways with its core built around legendary in-game leader Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. Despite these troubles, it was still the third most popular team with 34 million hours of watch time.

The highest-ranked American team on the list is Team Liquid, who come in at 10th. This relatively low ranking could be explained by the region-locked competition, as Team Liquid had to face smaller American teams throughout the year. It still clocked in at 23 million hours watched.

Is CSGO still popular in 2021?

Despite being released over seven years ago, CSGO still has a big player base. In February the game had over 24 million active users. The most popular esports event of the month, IEM Katowice 2021, had an average audience of well over 200,000 concurrent viewers.