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These Viper wall lineups prove she’s a viable agent on Split

by | Feb 8, 2021

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

Viper may be the least picked agent, but smart use of her abilities can easily win rounds. Her poisonous screen lineup proves her viability as a Controller. 

Initially released as a hotshot controller with a fierce persona and a deadly kit, Viper quickly became a likeable agent. However, Riot filled up the roster with agents who could do everything that Viper could and more. Her pick rate dropped drastically, dragging her to the bottom of the agent tier list. Numerous buffs later, Viper remains to be the least played character in Valorant.

However, Valorant is still a new game and players are figuring out the agent abilities. With nerfs to other agents, players have realized that Viper may have much more to offer than they initially believed.

Viper’s smokes are re-deployable, her molotov does insane damage, and her ultimate alone can rid a site of opponents. However, it’s her toxic screen that stands out. The thin wall extends to lengths and burns through a wall, making her a unique ability no other agent has. 

Here’s how you can use her wall to get an entry in Split’s bomb points. 

Viper Toxic Screen guide on Split

For Site A, align yourself with the crack on the wall of the Attacker’s side spawn. Place your crosshair on the shoe store’s display, as shown in the image. 

Press your ability key and shoot the toxic screen. But don’t deploy it yet. Activate the wall when you’re close to A Entrance. The screen will block A Ramps and A Tower Window, allowing your teammates to push in the site smoothly. 

Viper lineup for Split A site

Setup for Point B begins from the middle. For this, you may want your teammate’s cover. Or you could clear up the area and put down the wall for post-plant protection. 

Stand on behind the metal box at mid-top, in a way that mid mail wall is visible. Aim at the grey area, as shown in the image. 

Shoot the toxic screen and deploy it. The wall will block off B Stairs and Alley, allowing your teammates to rush in and take site control. This wall works best as it remains valuable throughout the round, even after the Spike has been planted. 

Viper lineup for Split B site

Both A and B Site screens help slow down the enemies trying to retake the site as the walls are rechargeable and remain viable throughout. Paired with Viper’s snake bite, the agent becomes an absolute shield for the Defenders, keeping the enemies at bay. 

What is Viper’s real name in Valorant? 

Viper has a few codenames in Valorant. They are Pandemic and Sabine. Players can sometimes hear other agents use these names. Valorant developers promised more lore in Episode 2 so players might find out more about Viper’s backstory soon. 

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