These molotov lineups show why Viper is the best agent on Breeze

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s latest map Breeze can be a bit challenging due to its vast size, but playing Viper can win you games. 

Viper has been one of the most neglected agents in Valorant for a long time. However, recent buffs propelled her to the top of the agent tier list. While she was always an appropriate character for her category, the changes made her one of the most efficient controllers in Valorant. Viper is excellent on all maps but professional players believe that she shines on Breeze due to her insane setups and molotov lineups. 

This controller carries a unique screen in her kit that helps her guard large areas and sites, making her a good pick on Breeze. But, with her poison growing more lethal in the new patch, Viper has become unstoppable. The new post-plant lineups show that teams must choose Viper on Breeze to win maximum rounds on the attacker side. 

How to use Viper on Breeze in Valorant

For point A, make sure that the Spike is planted for A cave. After activating the bomb, move into the corner of A rope and get on top of the crates. Stand at the edge of the box and place your crosshair in the middle, as shown in the image. Aim up at the tiny gap between the pipes and shoot the launcher. 

Blog post image

The poison will land on top of Spike, damaging enemies around it. Note that the launcher will take five seconds to reach point A, so you may want to reload another in case you’re shooting early. One dose would be enough to keep enemies away, but you may need another if you’re shooting early on. 

For point B, safely plant the Spike on the left corner of the pillar so that it’s visible from B main. Attach yourself at the end of the elbow exit and aim up at the cement beam, as shown in the image. Shoot the launcher to burn off enemies defusing the Spike. This one also stays in the air for five seconds, but since the first lineup is much closer to point B, you can execute it patiently. 

Blog post image

Both of these lineups will ensure that you can defend the package from safety without exposing yourself to enemies. The setups work best when you have at least one teammate alive to support you while you line up. But, you can successfully execute these on your own as well with a bit of practice and time management.