These League of Legends champions still have broken hitboxes

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After 11 years, League of Legends still has a lot of questionable hitboxes on its champions, and some of the worst revolve around hooks and grabs. 

For years, players from all over the world have struggled with weird hitboxes in League of Legends and it has gotten to a point where it’s looking unlikely that it will ever be fully fixed. While develop Riot Games has worked on improving hitboxes plenty of times, there will always be new instances where players are hit by spells that really should have missed. Some champions that are highly represented in these instances are champions such as Nautilus, Thresh, and Blitzcrank, who of whom have potentially game-deciding skill shots. 

Even in season 11, these things keep happening. Here are some of the worst examples to look out for in your solo queue games. 

Nautilus keeps hooking through terrain

One of the most common champions to run into weird hitboxes is Nautilus. Nautilus is good at locking down targets with his crowd control and setting up his team in fights. Sometimes he gets a bit too many advantages as the hitbox on his Dredge Line (Q) can be very inconsistent. 

Dredge Line has been commonly known to hook targets through terrain and minions. While some situations are worse than others, there are times where Nautilus lands a hook that didn’t seem to hit in any visible way. Some examples are when Nautilus shoots his Dredge Line against a target where minions just walked in front of it.

Other clips that have gone viral over the years are showing Nautilus hook targets through terrain. This has been seen through small corners of a wall, especially in the river at the entrance to the blue-side jungle at the Baron pit. There are also clips of Nautilus hooking targets through Anivia’s Crystallize (W). 

While Riot is likely very aware of the inconsistent hitbox on Dredge Line, it doesn’t seem to be the developer’s highest priority to fix it. 

Blitzcrank hook hibtox can be inconsistent

Next in line is another champion with a hook. It’s of course Blitzcrank who has also suffered from weird hitboxes and it keeps happening in 2021. While most Blitzcrank players are probably happy about hitting an unexpected hook, it can ultimately change the outcome of a game if the hitbox is off. One successful hook with Blitzcrank can turn into a quick kill, and it might occur at a game-deciding time. 

For years, the problem with Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q) has been very similar to that of Nautilus. The big difference is that Blitzcrank can normally hook people through terrain, so the main hitbox problems have been when champions are hooked even though it looks like they dodged it. There have also been instances where Rocket Grab hooks champions that seem to be blocked off by minions.

The exact same problems have happened with Thresh and his Death Sentence (Q), which in many ways reminds of Rocket Grab in how it hits enemy champions inconsistently. 

Hitbox problems with Kai’Sa and other skill shots

It’s very clear that hook skill shots can be inconsistent in League of Legends when it comes to the hitbox. As if this wasn’t enough, there are a plethora of other skill shots that will also hit in weird ways. 

One of them is Kai’Sa’s Void Seeker (W), which is a long skill shot that has a wider hitbox than the actual spell indicates. Sometimes the skill shot can be hard to dodge because of its width. This has gotten to a point where the skill shot can hit enemies who clearly look to be standing beside the projectile. As the hook abilities, this can turn out game-changing. 

Other champions with skill shots can run into the exact same situations as Kai’Sa. Examples of this are Nidalee’s Javelin Toss (Q), Lux’s Light Binding (Q), and Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q). 


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