These highlights show how to play new LoL champion Lillia

Christian Vejvad • July 29, 23:56

The newest addition to League of Legends entered the game only one week ago, but players are already trying to determine the best way to play Lillia.

While Lillia has only been out for a week, there are already a lot of opinions on her from around the community. Lillia has seen record low win rates in solo queue, which indicates that her kit is not yet powerful enough. Despite the low win rates, Lillia can still be a really useful addition to a team if she is used correctly. 

We will be looking at some of Lillia’s unique mechanics that can make her a game-changer in solo queue games, or even in pro play once she is enabled.

Lillia ultimate can set up team fights perfectly

One of Lillia’s greatest strengths is her ultimate ability, Lilting Lullaby. Lillia casts a magical lullaby over enemy targets that are affected by her passive, Dream Dust. All enemies hit by her ultimate will fall asleep for a few seconds, just as they might when affected by Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble. 

The ultimate is perfect for setting up ganks and team fights. It can turn any engagement if Lillia manages to hit enough targets. Lillia is even able to set up an ultimate from far away when combining it with her E ability, Swirlseed. Her E travels indefinitely until it collides with the terrain and applies Dream Dust to every target hit by it. This means that Lillia can set up ganks from afar through the river or the lanes. 

Lillia 4 man sleep while away from fight from r/leagueoflegends

My life has peaked with this play from r/leagueoflegends

As seen in the last clip, Lillia can also utilize her E ability to secure sneaky kills on her enemies. While these situations won’t happen often, it’s still a unique playmaking ability. 

Lillia is currently struggling on patch 10.15 because her raw damage and scaling are too low. If Riot manages to buff Lillia, she will definitely be a valuable pick with the right composition. 

Lillia yuumi is gross, miss a ton of spells, penta anyway lol from r/LilliaMains

Until then, Lillia can be played with Yuumi and get the extra buffs needed to dominate on the Rift. Yuumi is known to buff up her carries and that represents a great opportunity with Lillia. As seen in the clip above, Lillia works great with a champion that can heal her and boost her movement speed even more than her passive already does.


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