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These are the ugliest Squishmallows ever made

By Olivia Richman


Aug 20, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Squishmallows are coveted for their softness and their adorable designs. But there are some Squishmallows out there that just aren’t up to par. These are some of the ugliest Squishmallows out there, according to the passionate Squishmallow community.

There are currently over 1,000 Squishmallow designs available today, ranging from fantastical foods to mystical creatures. There are an abundance of options to choose from, meaning there’s a Squish out there for everyone. But some have come up multiple times as not so appealing.


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Sinclair is avacado toast. The food-themed plush is essentially a brown piece of toast with avacado spread onto it. The plush has a wholesome smile and is based on a food that most people love, but there’s just something wrong with this design. To put it bluntly, it sort of looks like it has vomit on it.


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This Squishamallow is supposed to be a romantic mushroom, but it just doesn’t work for many Squish fans. For one, the shape is a bit off. It’s too bottom-heavy to really pull off that iconic mushroom look. And some fans have expressed that Malcom is a bit phallic. Squishmallows are supposed to be wholesome, so this one is at the bottom of many lists.

Buzz Lightyear

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This official Disney Squishmallow is just not it. Some Disney characters, like Nemo, work as a Squishmallow. But not Buzz Lightyear. The big-chinned space ranger just shouldn’t be a Squish. No humanoid really should. From the creepy eyebrows and smirk to his large chin swirl, this Squishmallow is not adorable at all.


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There are a surprising number of cow-themed Squishmallows but this is one of the ugliest, because it’s actually supposed to be a horse! This strange hybrid is definitely an abomination and doesn’t feel like a cohesive or cute design. The pom on its head is just off, and its nose is awkward. This is just ugly.


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Speaking of unidentifiable animals, can you believe this is actually supposed to be a chameleon? There are really no lizard qualities to this plush and the colors don’t represent any real-life chameleons we know. It’s probably not as ugly as Buzz Lightyear, but this is just lazy design.


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What is this? The hideous colors and splattered tie-dye pattern are just atrocious. And what’s that thing on top of its head? What could it be besides a possible middle school art project gone wrong? Apparently this is a lizard. We don’t see it.

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So, this is an ostrich. Apparently. This looks more like a pig and a clown had a baby, with its odd snout and cheap rainbow fringe. But it’s apparently a bird. How? We don’t know. And we don’t want to know.

Jojo Siwa Dog

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Here it is, the ugliest of all Squishmallows ever created. This is part of an overall cringe collection of Jojo Siwa Squish created in partnership with Claire’s, the jewelry store most famous for questionable piercings. This hideous goatee dog is apparently inspired by the YouTuber of the same name, complete with a faux-human hair thing on top of its head. This is just bad.