Pokemon TCG

These are the Pokemon TCG YouTubers to watch in 2022

By Olivia Richman


Mar 15, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Whether you’re looking to get better at the card game or just watch someone open packs, Pokemon TCG YouTubers are a great source of entertainment for Pokemon fans in 2022.

The Pokemon TCG is often overlooked compared to the video games when it comes to content creation, but there are some YouTubers that are hard for anyone to ignore. The Pokemon TCG community has grown significantly over the past few years, meaning an even bigger demand for insightful and entertaining content from OG Pokemon players in the scene. Here are the best Pokemon TCG YouTubers to check out if you’re a huge fan of collecting cardboard.

Tricky Gym

With over 85K subscribers on YouTube, Tricky Gym is one of the biggest competitive Pokemon TCG channels on the video platform. Andrew Mahone is the trainer behind the content, creating competitive content that helps players improve at the card game. His videos are often focused on in-depth deck profiles and PTCGO gameplay. Mahone also attends regional and national tournaments, vlogging from all over the world.


Pablo Meza is a competitive Pokemon TCG player from Mexico who creates informative YouTube videos and provides private coaching. Meza placed first at the 2016 Mexico National, second at the 2017 Oceania International, and 7th at the 2017 World Championship. On his YouTube channel, Meza uploads content every day that’s either serious online practice with meta decks or fun challenges that have him testing his skills while playing wacky and fun decks.


AzulGG has been playing the Pokemon TCG since 2010. He is a five-time regional champion who often finishes in the top eight of regional and international tournaments. His YouTube channel features in-depth analysis of top decks as well as his opinions on Pokemon cards and ongoing metas. AzulGG also has a Twitch channel where he discusses his games with viewers live.


If you’re looking for pack opening action, you don’t want to miss UnlistedLeaf’s channel. His entire channel is dedicated to box openings, pack openings, and Pokemon mystery boxes. His wild and colorful content has won him over 2.48 million subscribers on YouTube. He will often spend thousands of dollars on Pokemon cards or open hundreds of packs at a time.


Leonhart is another channel dedicated to pack openings and Pokemon unboxing. From vintage cards to new sets pre-release, Leonhart opens it all! Leonhart’s channel is aimed at Pokemon card collectors who want to see Leonhart reveal some of the rarest cards in the world. It’s worth watching for his backdrop alone, which features an abundance of rare Pokemon plush and collectibles.