Viper on bind

These are the must-learn Viper lineups on Bind

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Few agents are equipped with suitable tools to tackle a map as complex as Bind. But these Viper lineups on Bind prove that she’s one of the best picks on this hard map.

The poison handler is ruling the active Valorant protocol with her deadly toolkit. While she’s often picked for her unique smokes that render damage, her Snakebite is just as toxic. The molotov is capable of killing a healthy enemy and becomes a menace in post-plant situations on the attacker side. 

Bind is a relatively small map, which is ideal for an agent like Viper. While her wall shines on larger locations, Viper’s ultimate is insanely overpowered on Bind. With a few lineups, Viper players can become unbeatable on Bind. Here are two key Viper lineups on Bind that every player should know before diving into ranked. 

How to protect the Spike with Viper’s molly

Viper’s molotov deals 75 to 79 damage to enemies within its AoE. Players can keep the Spike safe for as long as the two molotovs last by planting for default. For bomb point B: 

Blog post image
  • Plant the Spike on the front side of the container in the little nook. 
  • Move towards B Teleporter and squeeze yourself in the left corner. 
  • Aim up towards the sky and use your ability hud to guide your crosshair. 
  • Align the corner of the hud with the intersection of the walls.
  • Press C and release the molotov to burn off the defuser. 
  • Make sure you have a teammate protecting you.

Viper lineup on Bind A site

For A site: 

Blog post image
  • Plant the Spike for the front side of the generator.
  • Move towards A lobby and stick yourself into the corner. 
  • Aim up towards the tree. 
  • Place crosshair on the corner of the dry leaf. 
  • Release the molotov to damage enemies around the Spike.

Each molotov lasts for 6.5 seconds, which means you get 12 seconds to delay the Spike defusal. Timing two molotovs is highly crucial as enemies can half defuse the Spike if your Snakebite lands a bit late. Try releasing the second molotov a second after the first one to keep the Spike safe for a long time.