These are the most expensive cards of Pokemon Celebrations TCG

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 24, 2021

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The Pokemon franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and for the TCG that means a set of cards that will give every player and collector a nostalgic trip. 

Pokemon Celebrations is the newest Pokemon TCG set which is made to celebrate the 25 years of Pokemon. It’s a small but intense set which has reintroduced some of the most iconic cards from across Pokemon history, starting with the original base set Charizard that has been an iconic card in the Pokemon TCG world. 

Alongside reprints from the base set, Pokemon Celebrations also includes classic cards from past attributes including Gold Star, Shining, EX, Lv. X cards, and more. These reprints are made to celebrate all eras of the Pokemon TCG and provide some special cards that haven’t been seen in many years. 

The set consists of the main set of 25 cards, which are the easiest ones to pull but still include some absolutely beautiful artwork and attractive cards. Alongside that, Pokemon Celebrations also includes the Classic Collection. This is a subset consisting of 25 additional cards, where all the classic reprints will be found.

The Classic Collection is where most of the big chase cards are, but there’s also a very special chase card in the main set. Here’s a brief look at the biggest chase cards in the Celebrations set and how much they cost. Prices are taken from Troll and Toad.

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Classic Collection base set Charizard is Celebrations’ most expensive card ($190)

The biggest and most valuable chase card in Pokemon Celebrations is the Charizard from the Classic Collection, which is a reprint of the original Base Set Charizard from 1999. This is card is likely the most iconic of the entire Pokemon TCG and was a driving force in Charizard becoming one of the most popular Pokemon in the entire franchise. 

If any card were to be reprinted and celebrated during the 25th anniversary, this would be the one. The first edition version of this card is to date the most valuable card out there if it has the right condition. It’s a card that only very few people will be able to afford, so seeing yet another reprint of the infamous Charizard is a blessing for both new and old collectors. 

As for the price, the Celebrations Charizard is nowhere near as valuable as the original ones and also easier to get. With that said, it’s still the most valuable card in the Celebrations set and is currently selling for almost $200. 

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Umbreon Star reprint from the Classic Collection ($92)

Next in line is another reprint that is found in the Classic Collection. This one is the reprint of the Umbreon “Gold Star” card, which was originally found in the very rare Pop Series 5 packs. This pack was released in 2007, where they were given out as sample packs at certain events. 

Unlike most other packs, the card set of Pop Series 5 only included 17 cards and one of them was the Umbreon Star card. The Gold Star cards are known as some of the rarest and most valuable cards today, as they were very rare during a period where Pokemon was declining in terms of its mainstream visibility. 

This has made all Gold Star cards very rare to this day, with the Umbreon one likely being the most sought-after of them all. Getting this card in Pokemon Celebrations isn’t as hard as back in the day, but the card is still very sought after and is selling for nearly $100. 

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Celebrations Gold Mew ($115)

Unlike the other two chase cards in the Pokemon Celebrations TCG expansion, the golden Mew card is actually an original card, not a reprint. It appears in the main set of Celebrations, and fetches a pretty penny. 

Because it’s in the main set, this Mew is by far the hardest of the 25 cards to get and also the most expensive. The card features Mew, one of the biggest fan favorites in the franchise. 

This card features Mew in its shiny form on a completely golden background. It’s a card that will catch the eye and is potentially viable for those who actually play the game. Pulling this Mew card is fairly hard considering the pull rates in Celebrations, and it currently goes for over $100. 


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