These are the five worst team jerseys in pro League of Legends

By Marta Juras


Jan 25, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Professional esports teams show off their branding with jerseys worn by pro players and fans alike. Jerseys aren’t there just for comfort on a stage, as organizations also use them to promote their colors and sponsors, hoping to sell more merch along the way.

Ahead of every season, most teams prepare new jerseys. Sometimes entirely new, sometimes just a little bit different. But not every such change is successful, and there are some jerseys we’ll remember for the wrong reasons.

Here’s our take on the worst League of Legends esports jerseys in recent history.

5. Sandbox Gaming, LCK 2019

The best of the worst on the list belongs to Sandbox Gaming’s last jersey. The team’s choice for the 2019 LCK was to place a huge “SG” across a hot red shirt. Not only was it barely noticeable that the black lines read as SG, but the whole image made the players look a little bit like ladybugs, and the jersey wasn’t easy on eyes.

4. SK Gaming, LEC 2019

Nothing screams “we’re sponsored by two huge brands” like SK Gaming’s 2019 LEC gray and pink jersey. With details in German Telekom specific pink and its huge logo in the middle, and Mercedes’ logo just on the opposite of SK’s own, this jersey had no real identity. With nothing unique to the team, the jersey looked like a big advertisement that wasn’t representative of the team or its brand.

3. Echo Fox, LCS 2018

Echo Fox’s combination of orange and blue wasn’t the best one. Though with a good idea behind the design of the 2018 LCS jersey of since-disbanded team, the combination of colors made the jersey look a bit outdated, and something you might expect a toothpaste packaging to look like. If it were just different colors, the design could have been pretty cool.

2. Splyce, Worlds 2016

Splyce picked one of the ugliest yellow colors for a big portion of the 2016 World Championship jersey. The rest was covered in shiny little snake scales. Yes, of course, their logo was a snake and they were branded as snakes, so they wanted to represent that. But the jersey looks rushed and cheap, with yellow logos just thrown a top of scale patterns.

1. FlyQuest, LCS 2018

FlyQuest’s 2016 NA LCS run wasn’t the team’s luckiest, and neither was the jersey. Teams don’t often use white canvas for designs that aren’t minimalistic, but FlyQuest was brave. With a big yellow and green logo across the jersey, it ended up looking more like pajamas than an effective form of esports’ marketing. Thankfully, the organization realized their error by the next season, and the team came wearing a darker and more professional design.