These are the five best skins in the CSGO workshop right now

By Nick Johnson


Jul 14, 2020

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While each player probably has their own favorite CSGO skins already set, each new weapon crate that CSGO releases has the chance to bring a fresh coat of paint to some of CSGO’s most used weapons. The CSGO workshop is full of brilliant artwork from designers all around the globe, but these five workshop skins have gotten a fair amount of attention recently from the CSGO community. This top five ranges from slick and stark lines to vibrant skins with incredible details. 

The majority of skins available in Counter-Strike are user-generated through CSGO’s workshop system. Interested users can browse and vote on skins that they would like to see in-game by clicking on the links provided and voting for their favorites. If these five aren’t enough, the CSGO workshop has a daily queue of popular skins that users can also browse.

P250 |  Mondo

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The P250 is a popular weapon both on CSGO’s eco rounds and as a secondary for snipers carrying an AWP in their primary slot. It’s a common weapon, and the classic “raid boss” strategy, in which one player drops a P250 to another with armor on a T-side pistol round, is still in use.

The Mondo is a clean summer skin, with the upper slide painted as a wood grain while the handle, trigger, and body are ocean-themed. It even comes complete with surfers decorating the skin. 

The artwork is masterfully done by Steam user Tuna Melt, and players can find its CSGO workshop page by clicking right here.

USP | CVBER Flowers

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As the CT side’s default pistol, USP skins will always be popular. But the USP | CVBER Flowers takes hints from both the famous USP | Neo Noir and Operation Shattered Web’s AK-47 | Wild Lotus to create something that’s futuristic and natural at the same time. With the floral design reaching all the way down the USP’s silencer, the CVBER Flowers is a well-crafted skin deserving of one of the coveted spots in CSGO’s next weapon case.

Created by KOZLOV and karmaink, users can find the USP | CVBER Flower’s workshop page through this link.

AUG | Warplane

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Even with the weapon’s famous nerf that allowed for the rise of the Krieg, the AUG is still a serviceable weapon in the right situations. Long on Overpass and holding B apartments on Mirage can be aided by the AUG, especially with a little extra practice. That’s one of the reasons why the AUG | Warplane comes in at number three on the list.

The skin’s creator, Mad Polygon, went the extra mile on the Warplane, making excellent use of CSGO’s normal mapping to create the illusion of exhaust ports along the side of the skin. These normal mapped ports reflect CSGO’s lighting just like they would if they were part of the 3D model. 

It’s a stunning effect that’s put to good use here, and it’s exactly what Valve had in mind when they introduced normal mapping to CSGO skins in back in 2017. Users can check out the AUG | Warplane on the workshop right now.

M4A4 | Carry

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Our top two kicks off with the M4A4 Carry, a detailed skin in the style of the SG-553 | Colony IV with the colors of the ever-popular MAC-10 and AK-47 | Neon Rider. It shows off what every CSGO player has done at least once: tossing the rest of the team on their backs and carrying them to victory.

The Carry also has a separate but equally detailed alternate version, but this more subtle option puts the M4A4 | Carry squarely in the realm of a Classified rarity, meaning it will be less expensive in the long term if CSGO’s developers honor it with a place in the next weapon case. Users can find the skin, created by Slevin and die mosart, by following this link.


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The AK-47 | PRINTSTREAM is actually part of an entire collection of CSGO skins, all showing off a classic black-and-white color scheme. With its clean lines and simple design, the PRINTSTREAM collection has a skin for almost everyone who’s a fan sleek design principles. But the AK-47, a weapon sorely lacking in white options, could benefit from the PRINTSTREAM treatment more than most. For what is once again the most popular primary weapon for the T side after the SG-553’s April nerf, the PRINTSTREAM is a stylish skin for stylish players created by Steam user JTPNZ and can be found here on CSGO’s workshop.


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