These are the biggest mysteries from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

By Steven Rondina


Apr 8, 2021

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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s first season ended with a bunch of cliffhangers. The stories of Davion, Mirana, and Invoker were all set to head in a very different direction when the final credits rolled, and that has many fans already clamoring for a second season.

But what will actually happen in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season two? And what are the biggest unanswered questions left at the end of season one? Let’s explore the biggest mysteries from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

What is Invoker’s goal in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood?

The many different plotlines in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood came to a head in the final episode of the series, but the show doesn’t close on Davion. Instead, the show ends with Invoker standing above Selemene and asking “do you love me?”

The moment serves to reveal that Invoker isn’t truly an ally of Mirana and Davion, but is actually working alongside Terrorblade. Terrorblade’s goals are mostly clear, in that he wants to take the souls of the eldwurms in order to increase his own power. Invoker’s endgame isn’t known at this point.

Part of his motivation is likely revenge. Selemene and Invoker had a daughter together named Filomena who died due to an unspecified ailment that Invoker couldn’t cure and Selemene couldn’t be bothered to fix. 

But is an immortal being of overwhelming power orchestrating the assassination of the moon goddess just for petty revenge? Or does he have a greater goal in mind? That will likely be addressed when DOTA: Dragon’s Blood returns.

Will Slyrak take over Davion?

Slyrak is a radically different character in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood than he is in Dota 2. In Dota 2’s lore, Slyrak is dead. Davion found the dragon on its deathbed and granted it a warrior’s death, with Davion’s reward being Slyrak’s power and the ability to transform into a dragon.

In DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the concept of an aged dragon being killed and having its powers taken was instead used to introduce Terrorblade, who kills the eldwurm Uldorak. Davion and Slyrak work together to fight the possessed Uldorak, but Slyrak is mortally wounded and seemingly enters Davion’s body in order to recover. 

Davion has complete control of Slyrak’s power in Dota 2, but in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood the two are in a tug-of-war over Davion’s body. Given how eldwurms are portrayed in the show, it wouldn’t make sense to simply have Davion and Slyrak strike some kind of deal where the two have alternating days of control.

Will Kaden and the other Dragon Knights force Slyrak out of Davion? Will Slyrak take complete control of Davion’s body? Or will the two merge into a new being similar to the Dragon Knight hero we know from Dota 2?

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Is Luna dead?

Not everyone came out of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood smelling like roses. Luna went from being best known for her over-the-top accent in Dota 2 to leading what the could be officially classified as a genocide against the Coedwig elves. Not a great showing for the hero.

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The final episode of the season saw Luna and the Dark Moon Order being depowered and attacked by the Coedwig in an act of revenge for the brutality they were subjected to. This results in a showdown between Fymryn and Luna, with Luna being struck down and seemingly left to die.

It’s teased that Mirana will be forced to step up and assume command of the Dark Moon Order, but Luna’s fate is unclear. It’s entirely possible she’s dead, but it’s also possible that Mirana will be attempting to save her next season.  


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