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These are the best teams in Mario Strikers: Battle League

By Olivia Richman


Jun 19, 2022

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Mario Strikers: Battle League features 10 characters all with their own unique stats, strengths, and shots but you’ll need to put together one of the best teams in order to succeed online or in single player.

Some characters are all about defense and withstanding tackles while others are all about speed and passing. Here are the best Mario Strikers team compositions to get the upper hand on opponents and breeze through cups.

Best Mario Strikers team for Speed

If you want a team that’s focused on outpacing opponents grabbing items, you’ll want a team with high speed stats. The best combo for a speed-focused team is:

  • Mario
  • Peach
  • Toad
  • Waluigi

With Mario as the scoroer, Peach as the dribbler, Toad as the passer, and Waluigi as the defender, you’ll have a team that’s always picking up Hyper Strike Orbs and using them before the enemy team can catch up. Toad and Peach in particular keep the ball away from opponents.

The issue with this team is that you’re lacking in defense and shooting abilities. While some gear can help with that, you may find that once you have the ball and run off with it, you’re not left with a high chance of scoring goal after goal.

Mario in Mario Strikers: Battle League

The top Mario Strikers: Battle League Strength team

If speed is not your thing, try a strength-based team. This is a team that is largely immune to being tackled and is great at keeping the goal safe. You’ll want:

  • Rosalina
  • Wario
  • Toad
  • Bowser

Wario is the main tackler here, making it difficult for the other team to carry out their strategies without getting disrupted. Toad will act as a setup man once your team has the ball, making it harder for the enemy to take it back.

The downside to a strength-based team is the lack of speed. While your shots will be powerful, you may have trouble even getting to the goal if the enemy team is fast enough to keep the ball away from you or interrupt your strategies.

Teams with Peach, Rosalina make for best technique lineup in Mario Strikers: Battle League

This is a team that’s focused on Hyper Strikes, meaning you’ll need a squad that’s all about grabbing items and get Hyper Strikes with ease. Here’s who to select:

  • Peach
  • Luigi
  • Rosalina
  • Waluigi

This team has high stats when it comes to speed and technique. The goal is to grab Hyper Strike Orbs before the opponent can and then do as many Hyper Strikes as possible throughout the game.

The downside is you have very little defense. A strong team will be able to tackle you when you have the ball, making it difficult to find a safe location to Hyper Strike. If you pick up enough items, however, you can disorient enemies.

Peach in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Best Mario Strikers shooting teams lineup

A shooting-focused team is great for aggressive players that want to constantly race towards the goalie and catch him off guard with a good shot. Use this team:

  • Rosalina
  • Yoshi
  • Peach
  • Bowser

These are all characters who excel at shooting and passing. Rosalina has more precise shots while Yoshi is great at shooting up close. Bowser is a great addition since his power can disorient the other team as he charges to the goal.

This team is a bit on the slower side, however, and may have trouble with defense. Your goal may be left vulnerable as you aggressively push to the other side of the field.


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