Augments Fortnite

These are the best new Fortnite augments

By Nicholas James


Apr 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Four new Augments have been added to Fortnite MEGA, are they better than the first set of Augments, and which should you prioritize?

Augments have revolutionized the way Fortnite is played. Players are able to select from a variety of additional powers to add to their character for the round. By having to choose between distinct power boosts, players get to create divergent play patterns. However, some of these Augments are a lot better than their peers, so here are the best new Fortnite augments in Fortnite Mega.

Best new Fortnite MEGA Augments

Exotic Grab Bag

Exotic Grab Bag is returning from last season and is straightforward but still powerful, it grants you one of the Exotic Heisted weapons currently available in the game through holo-chests. These tend to be quite powerful, and each of them is usually worth finding space in your inventory. While there’s not a ton of control over how good this Augment is each time, the floor is very high.


Returning from last season, Bloodhound is an information-heavy Augment that rewards good use of long-range weapons. By highlight enemies hit with marksman rifles and snipers, Bloodhound lets you pre-fire with ease or keep track of enemies tagged by your shots. Bloodhound can fit into almost any Augment loadout and is excellently versatile.

Sniper Surplus

The biggest downside to Heavy Sniper Rifles is that they only fire one shot, making it hard to follow up on anything that isn’t a 300+ damage headshot. Sniper Surplus solves this problem by adding the capacity for a second bullet in the magazine. It’s very quietly powerful and will help out in all sorts of circumstances as long as you have a heavy sniper.


If there’s a most flexible augment in the game, Aerialist is that Augment. Introducing mobility only available through this Augment, Aerlist combines excellently with the Kinetic Blade Katana. With the ability to soar into the air, open your glider, and coast over the terrain below, the combination is hard to beat.