These are the best mods for Elden Ring in 2023

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 23, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

New amazing Elden Ring mods are coming out every day, but these three stand out as the best for their fun content.

Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game with more to explore than nearly all its competitors. However, the constraints of game development and different tastes would always lead to a bustling modding community. FromSoftware’s latest adventure can be spiced up in any number of ways.

From total overhaul mods to quality-of-life changes, these are three of the best Elden Ring mods on the web.

Elden Ring Reforged is one of the best overhaul mods

If you’ve somehow grown bored with the Lands Between, you’ll be happy to learn that there are multiple overhaul mods that completely remix the standard experience.

Elden Ring Reforged is among the most polished overhaul mod for the game, introducing a ton of new mechanics and content. It’s slightly more complicated to install than the average mod, but with so much added and changed, it’s worth the extra effort.

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One of the biggest changes in Reforged is its deflection system, with properly timed blocks yielding greater reward. Every starting class has also been tuned to make them more fun right off the bat, such as the Astrologer and Prophet getting better starting spells while all classes have access to a new secondary class “fortune” system. There are too many changes to go over here, but know that the mod even has an extensive changelog document with all the changes explained.

Sekiro Arts adds a touch of shinobi flare to Elden Ring

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was FromSoftware’s last major release before Elden Ring, which is why it’s so strange that such little DNA from Sekiro is present in the newer game. However, the Sekiro Arts mod takes many of the iconic weapon arts from Ashina and ports them into the Lands Between. The mod overwrites a handful of existing Ashes of War and replaces them with special attacks from Sekiro.

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One of the best parts of this mod is that it’s not attached to any particular katana. Any of them will work as long as they are two-handed. This means that you can equip multiple katanas and swap between them for weapon arts, which all seem to do serious damage with lots of flashy effects. It does require an initial Mod Engine 2 install, but it’s relatively simple to install and adds a lot of Sengoku flair to Elden Ring.

Detailed Item Descriptions helps keep you tabbed in

If you want a more informed experience in vanilla Elden Ring, this simple mod is an excellent addition to the game. Detailed Item Descriptions does exactly what it sounds like, replacing the base item info with the actual stats and mechanics. Weapons get their damage types broken down with flat numbers while consumables give much more informative explanations featuring color-coded effects. This one also requires Mod Engine 2, but installing it involves moving just three icons from one folder to another.

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While very useful for Elden Ring newbies, Details Item Descriptions is also one of the best mods for experienced vets returning to the game. They may know about how Baldachin’s Blessing reduces HP by 5%, but they may not know about its powerful defensive buff when consumed. Magic spells and weapons also show their actual damage values without having to check the status menu. If you hate tabbing out to look up what items do, Detailed Item Descriptions will give you a much more immersive experience.

Easy Mode for Elden Ring is great for non-gamers

If you want to join in on the fun of Elden Ring but are worried that the game’s difficulty may be too high, Easy Mode is a way to experience the game under a lot less pressure. This mod, created by odashikonbu, is designed to keep the core gameplay intact while making it much more accessible. If you’re unfamiliar with FromSoftware titles or just generally a non-gamer, this is one of the best ways to experience 2022’s game of the year. It also doesn’t involve downloading a mod manager, with installation as simple as dragging a folder.

As for the changes, Easy Mode for Elden Ring reduces enemy damage by 50% while buffing the player by 25%. In addition, the player’s hitboxes are much larger, making it easier to hit enemies from a distance. Healing for both HP and FP is doubled as well, but if that’s still not enough, there are different mod versions that make the game even easier. Multiply all runes by ten, get rid of FP costs, or even set all item weights to zero. This mod is designed to let players of all skill levels enjoy the Lands Between, and it’s pretty polished to boot.


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