These are the best M4A4 CSGO skins

By William Davis


Jul 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Even if players are new to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they probably know about the game’s famous gun skins. CSGO is a very popular game for multiple reasons in-game and out. CSGO’s esports scene is so popular that there are many CSGO gambling sites where people try to predict the winner of professional CSGO matches. The game is also extremely competitive, which makes it both fun and rewarding. Finally, the game is also constantly being updated with new content, like skins, maps, and more.

Skins are perhaps the most famous part of CSGO. The workhorse rifles are some of the most popular options for skins, as they are the most commonly-bought weapons in the game. If you’re looking for the best skins to apply to your M4A4, here are the best options for the unsilenced CT rifle.

M4A4 | Neo-Noir combines old-school with new

If you fondly remember the old games from the arcade era, then the Neo-Noir skin is definitely perfect for you. The designers of this skin were clearly inspired by Blade Runner, as the graffiti depicts a katana-wielding street biker exhaling a cloud of smoke. The color scheme features the typical 80s throwback palette of pink, purples, and blues. Despite it’s incredible looks, the M4A4 | Neo-Noir can be had for as little as $4 on the Steam Market.

Modern Hunter is a realistic M4A4 skin

If you prefer a more up-to-date design, the Modern Hunter skin has your name on it. The rustic, yet modern pattern would look right at home on a woodland hunt, but CSGO players can take it to the battlefield. The Modern Hunter is one of the oldest M4A4 skins, first debuting in 2013. Despite its age, the skin is still relatively cheap with moderately worn versions going for $12. Clean examples, however, are extremely rare with factory new versions selling for $300. 

The M4A4 | Asiimov is one of the best skins in CSGO

Assimov has a special meaning in CSGO. Some of the most coveted skins in the early days sported the white, orange, and black Asiimov pattern. The M4A4 is one of just five skins to sport the design, and it’s understandably a popular option. M4A4 | Asiimovs sell for around $40 at the absolute cheapest. It’s important to note that the M4A4 version doesn’t appear in factory new or minimal wear, so having a lot of wear is expected for the skin.

If you’re an aspiring CSGO player looking to show off your skills with the M4A4, these three skins are are best options.


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