These are the best locations to plant the Spike on Ascent

By Olivia Richman


Sep 5, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Planting the Spike is a very important aspect of Valorant that takes a lot more consideration than just dropping it down on the first spot you see.

Each site on Ascent has its own popular Spike planting locations, each with its own unique strategy attached. Here’s a closer look at Ascent’s sites and the best spots to plant the Spike to ensure your attacking team has the advantage. 

Ascent: A Bombsite Spike locations

The A site is often considered defense-favored because of the ease with which defenders can enter from Heaven. This often makes attackers lean on similar strategies to take it over, including closing A doors with various agent utilities like Sage’s wall, ensuring defenders expose their positioning. Defenders may fight for control of A link while also attacking from Heaven, making the only safe spot for attackers A Long. 

The standard spot is to the left of the generator and right of the stairs. This allows your teammates to watch A doors from A link. While a solid strategy, defenders will most likely suspect it and throw some mollies your way. Be prepared for Killjoy’s Nanoswarm or Raze’s Showstopper and Cluster Grenade. 

Throw defenders off guard by choosing Tetris, which is behind the boxes facing the stairs. It’s not considered to be as safe, but attackers can watch from A doors and Heaven, as well as get a better view from A link and A long. This makes it a strong choice, even if not as secure. 

Ascent A Site Spike spots

Placing the Spike on the stairs themselves is a strong spot that can be viewed from every angle. Of course, it’s also a bit more exposed. Always make sure that defenders aren’t lurking around before your planter crouches down in this vulnerable area. 

Ascent: B Bombsite Spike locations

The B site is considered a bit more complicated than the A site, since it can be entered from both sides of the shed located in the middle. The strategy is often to block off B Main and Market. Defenders will have more ways to barge in on attackers trying to plant the Spike, making it another location considered a bit tricky for attacking teams. 

Facing the arched entrance, place the Spike in front of Tetris, located in the center. This is often the go-to planting location since the planter will be safely covered from rotating enemies. It’s exposed to B back however, so always make sure that area is clear. Since defenders will expect this location, be prepared for mollies. 

Another strong choice is to the right of the arch, along the brick wall. Attackers will then hide in Tunnels or Shed, ready to eliminate enemies attempting to defuse the Spike. Always make sure the Stairs and Rafters are clear before attempting this plant.

An additional choice is on the stairwell to the right of the boxes. This can be a bit trickier because the defuser will be safe from Market. Your team will have to position themselves at B Back and Rafters, as well as B Main. The importance of planting at B site is to leave your enemies guessing as to your location in defending the planted Spike.

Ascent B Site Spike

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