These are the best counters to Teemo in League of Legends

By Christian Vejvad


Mar 18, 2021

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Teemo has been a part of League of Legends since 2009 and today remains a champion that is hard to deal with at many solo queue ranks. 

The Swift Scout has become known as an obnoxious champion that most players hate to play against. This goes for pretty much all lanes in the game, which has resulted in global memes about Teemo being the devil himself. The reason for this is likely due to Teemo’s ability to go invisible and place mushrooms that slow and can deal a ton of damage. Furthermore, Teemo is able to kite most champions around like the little Yordle he is, all while blinding his opponents to limit their own ability to attack.

With all of this taken into account, there are some solid ways to counter Teemo when the enemy team picks him in solo queue.

How to counter Teemo in LoL

Teemo has both good and bad matchups. Most good matchups will be against champions that don’t have a lot of mobility or crowd control. Against those champions, Teemo is able to kite and punish with persistent damage and slows via his mushrooms. 

For counters to Teemo, the list is actually fairly long. This makes it easy to counter-pick Teemo during the draft phase if he is picked up early on by the opponent. The easiest way to find a Teemo counter is by looking at bruisers with crowd control in their kits. Two examples of this are Sett or Wukong, both of whom have ways to get on top of Teemo and lock him down before he has the chance to kite. Wukong and Sett are also decent laners in the early game, which helps prevent Teemo from getting too much of an early CS lead. 

According to, Teemo wins a lower than average number of his matches against Sett. Against Wukong, Teemo wins even fewer games, which makes Wukong a great counter.

But the best counter on the list is none other than Rumble. Even though Rumble might not be the most logical counter at first, it does make a lot of sense.

Rumble is a pure lane bully, especially in the top lane where Flamespitter (Q) and Electro Harpoon (E) make it possible for any decent Rumble player to constantly poke down the opponent and push the wave. Doing this will slowly ruin Teemo’s game plan, as he wants to control the lane. Rumble is also able to stick to Teemo by using Scrap Shield (W), which eliminates Teemo’s mobility and kite potential. These are the main reasons why Teemo only wins 43.6% of all games when playing against a Rumble.  


What role is Teemo in LoL?

It’s important to understand which role he is mostly played in. As a ranged damage dealer, Teemo can be played in several positions but he is most suited for the top lane. Ever since his release, Teemo has been a master of controlling the top lane and being a strong split pusher. The reason for this is that Teemo is ranged and can therefore do well against most melee top laners at early levels. 

Later on in the game, Teemo will get access to his ultimate, Noxious Trap, which gives him the ability to place deadly hidden mushrooms all over the map. This tool is great to keep control in the top lane and make it hard for the enemy to gank. With good mushroom placements, Teemo can keep a split push going for a long time without being shut down. 

Is Teemo good in LoL?

Teemo’s strength in League of Legends varies depending on rank. For the past several years, Teemo has been a strong pick in low-elo games. The reason for this is that Teemo is a simple champion to abuse against less experienced players. Learning to play Teemo well can be a great choice when climbing the lower ranks in solo queue. 

For higher elo, Teemo is much harder to make work. While Teemo can still work even at the Challenger rank, this is only possible for players that have truly mastered him. Teemo is often punished at higher ranks because players know how to clear his mushrooms, removing Teemo’s mushrooms through pink wards and the Oracle Lens trinket.

In professional play, Teemo is almost never seen. His kit simply does not translate well to the level of coordination that is seen at the professional level in League of Legends.


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