These are the best champions to pick when playing ARAM

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Climbing solo queue can be hectic and frustrating, so playing ARAM once in a while can be a good way to recharge. But which champions are the best to play in the action-packed game mode? 

ARAM is always a popular game mode when it comes to experimentation and players wanting to play some casual and exciting games with friends. This is even more so the case in the preseason, when the ranked queues are not as important and players want a break from the more competitive aspect of the game. 

This leaves tons of players in the ARAM queue, where an exclusive meta exists with different champions and item priorities. So, here are the best champions to look for in ARAM during patch 10.25. 



Seraphine might be new to League of Legends, but she is already taken ARAM by storm. The supportive mage is perfect for ARAM and there is a very simple reason for that. 

The virtual pop star relies heavily on having teammates around her and ARAM is perfect for that because of its condensed map layout. Through her Stage Presence passive, Seraphine gains Notes when casting abilities near allies. Each note gives her basic attack more range and additional damage, making her able to unleash big damage and poke through a single auto-attack. 

Besides the perfect synergy to her passive, Seraphine also fits the overall ARAM meta. In ARAM, the strongest compositions often involve poke and sustain. Seraphine has both, which makes her an all-around strong pick. As of patch 10.25, Seraphine is sitting at a whopping 57.48% win rate as the number one champion on the win-rate chart. 

If possible, try to secure Seraphine in ARAM, as it will be worth it. 



Next up on the list is an ARAM classic, Morgana. Just like Seraphine, Morgana has both supportive tools in her kit, as well as poke. Her long range on Dark Binding (Q) is scary for opponents to play against. A single hit from a Dark Binding can spell death for the enemy, which means that Morgana on her own can secure many free kills. 

Morgana also sits on great wave clear through her Tormented Shadow (W) and can be the deciding factor in a big fight through her ultimate, Soul Shackles. Overall, there are very few weaknesses to Morgana in ARAM and that’s why she is winning 54.51% of her games. 

Morgana is usually punished for her lack of mobility on Summoner’s Rift, but that isn’t the case on a small map like the Howling Abyss. If chased down, Morgana can always block crowd control through her Black Shield (E) and will likely escape.  



It’s getting pretty obvious that mages with poke are a great choice in ARAM, which is why Brand is the next on the list. Brand might not have any sustain in his kit to help out his team, but instead, he has enough AOE damage to wipe out a whole team on his own. 

Brand has consistently been a top performer in ARAM and the 2021 preseason hasn’t changed that. The Burning Vengeance is still able to dish out a lot of damage and take advantage of his combos in the countless fights that will erupt during a game of ARAM.  

With the new Liandry’s Anguish Mythic item and other penetration items in his pocket, Brand only needs to hit his combos to carry his team. On a small map like Howling Abyss, this isn’t usually a difficult task. All of these win conditions have resulted in a 54.75% win rate on patch 10.25, making Brand the perfect champion to chase for players who want to be the main carry. 

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

For players who like the attack damage route instead of ability power, Miss Fortune is a great and fun choice. Usually, marksmen can be a risky choice for ARAM because they often get one-shot by various champions, but Miss Fortune has some strengths that can make or break a game. 

It’s fairly simple: If Miss Fortune is able to hit a good Bullet Time (R) in ARAM, then the fight is most likely won. This puts Miss Fortune as a heavily prioritized champion in ARAM. To really succeed with Miss Fortune, it’s always nice to have some sort of support to help out or a frontline champion that can peel. 

Even without her ultimate, Miss Fortune can also do a lot of damage and set up her team for a fight. Placing Make it Rain (E) on top of several enemies can be more than enough to create an advantageous fight. Besides that, the damage output from Miss Fortune’s auto attacks is enough to take down enemies. 

Try to farm up stacks from the Dark Harvest rune on Miss Fortune and take advantage of her current 55.48% win rate.  

Does ARAM help you improve?

ARAM can certainly help players improve in some aspects of League of Legends. While the map itself is different from Summoner’s Rift and won’t have the same strategic aspects to it, ARAM can be great for improving mechanics. ARAM is all about constant team fighting, which can be good practice to improve the individual skill and control of a champion. ARAM is also the perfect place to learn new champions and builds. 

Are all champions in ARAM?

Yes, all champions are available in ARAM if the player owns them. Players will have all purchased champions available, but it won’t be possible to choose freely between them. ARAM picks a random champion for each player, with the chance to reroll up to two times.


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