Best apex legend cosplays

These are the best Apex Legends cosplays

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 14, 2022

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Apex Legends’ lively characters have had quite an impact on the players. Thorough cosplays with impeccable get-ups prove that Apex fans are dedicated to the lore and endlessly creative. 

Apex Legends has a striving player base that continues to grow with each season. The increasing popularity could be attributed to legend protocol that Respawn Entertainment refreshes with new faces. The continuous updates with cut-throat legends keep players hooked to the game. These players have expressed their admiration with cosplays that prompt you to take a second look. 

Here’s a list of all the best Apex Legends cosplays so far. 

Norivana’s Bloodhound is timeless

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Norivana’s cosplay of Bloodhound is one of the oldest ones, but no one has been able to replicate her perfection in almost two years. The Plague Doctor-like legend is tricky to cosplay due to heavy armor that may take hours to create. The artist invested long hours in crafting material from EVA foam and similar items. 

Norivana revealed that the complex process behind this perfect cosplay almost made her cry out of frustration. But, it was all surely worth it as no one has dared to try the complicated cosplay of Bloodhound. 

The heart Seer with the fedora

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Seer, the man after the hearts, is still new to the roster but William Knight isn’t wasting any time. He brought the recon legend to life while he was still freshly spawned. Signature tight jeans, creepy dead eyes, an oversized fedora, and plenty of piercings shaped the perfect Seer.

Knight paid special attention to detail by nailing the exact hair strands of Seer that are barely visible. The twisted locks perfectly hang from under his fedora, proving that he’s serious about the cosplay. 

Gurey brought Crypto to life 

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Gurey’s recreation of Crypto is still one of the best cosplays in Apex Legends. The artist had everything right, from the jewelry to face tattoos. Unlike Norivana, Gurey had plenty of help in achieving the exact look of the Korean surveillance expert.

But, his unique way of carrying the character breathed life into Crypto cosplay. The silver shoes and neon green jacket made him look like he spawned straight out of Apex’s outlands. 

Sydney’s fierce Loba

Apex Legends’ thieves of the heart, Loba, isn’t the most challenging legend to cosplay due to a simple white attire. But Sydney’s Loba is anything but simple. The artist added an extra oomph to the heart stealer with red eyeliner makeup and skin-tight pants. Magenta hair and matching nail paint completed her look, bringing the sassy burglar to life. 

Wraith with eyes that glow 

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SoniAralynn has done plenty of cosplays, but Wraith is her best one so far. Soni went with a custom-tailored shirt with purple patches paired with Wraith’s signature scarf. She nailed the look by tying up her hair in a rough bun.

The purple lens glow was also taken into consideration to add that Wraith effect she’s known for. While her styling was on-point, it was mostly the camera angle and pose that made Soni a ditto copy of Apex’s twisted genius. 

Mad Maggie is already here 

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The latest aggressor in the roster has already caught many cosplayers’ eyes. Bittenbadger recreated the rebel warlord with her own personal touch. The artist hand-crafted the signature jacket with mustard patches and styled her hair to match Maggie. The eye shadow and fur were also taken into consideration to achieve this look. 


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