Best agents to play on Split

These are the best agents to play on Split in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 14, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Split is one of the smallest Valorant maps, and a few agents can particularly excel at tackling its tight choke points. We have compiled a list of the best agents on Split that may increase your odds of winning. 

Split can be a tricky location to tackle if you’re too aggressive or passive. Finding a balanced approach is crucial to winning on this enclosed map. For this same reason, not every agent will shine on the map. We have listed the best agents for Split that’ll help control the pace. Pick whichever of these agents best suits your style in Valorant. 

Best agents to play on Split


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Split is crammed with tight corners and narrow entryways, which is ideal for the genius of Germany. Killjoy takes the form of an unbeatable beast in maps with tight choke points, dealing heavy damage to whoever dares to peak. Her Nanoswarms and Lockdown make it impossible for attackers to enter a site. On the attack, her ultimate keeps enemies at bay, making way for her teammates. 

If you have a Killjoy on your team, avoid picking a Cypher and pair her with a flasher instead. Her Nanoswarm enables duelists to push into vulnerable enemies on the back of agents like Skye, Breach, or Pheonix. 


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Split is a relatively defender-sided map, but the middle area can be challenging to guard. Attackers can easily smoke off vents and push into mail if mid isn’t locked down properly. To tackle that, Sage is essential on defense.

The healer can be a force to be reckoned with in Split’s central area. Her crystal barrier can hold off enemies for most of the round, earning her teammates time to shuffle and strategize. While she’s picked for her barrier, the healing that comes in her kit is also a plus. The Sentinel can revive, patch up wounds, and slow down opponents in this enclosed location. 


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The wind ranger is in unstoppable force on all Valorant maps, but her viability increases tenfold on Split. Jett can perch herself on elevated areas, taking clueless enemies by surprise. 

Jett is an S-tier agent on all maps, but Split is her home. The agent uses her dashes to gain map control and slither around its tight sites. The attacking side on Split is tough, but Jett can help break into enemy territory and get the first kills in a round. Thanks to her mobility, no other duelist is as viable as the wind girl. 


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Agent abilities that have an AoE work wonders on small locations like Split. Viper’s ultimate can be a game-changer as she can lock down an entire site. She becomes unstoppable on Split’s defense, slowing down the game’s pace to a crawl.

The poison handler is a highly versatile agent in Valorant. She’s powerful in both large and small locations. Her big globes of smoke on Split allows her map mobility and help to delay pushes. She does the job of both a Controller and Sentinel, making her one of the best picks on Split. If your team lacks a Sentinel like Killjoy, Viper can fill in just fine. 


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Flashers are crucial on all maps, but they’re overpowered on Split. Skye is one of the best flashers to pick on Split, as her birds are tough to dodge around the map’s sharp corners. Enemies can barely react to a bird popping in their faces. 

Paired with a duelist, Skye can help breeze into bombsites with minimal damage taken. Her tiger ensures that close angles are clear of mercenaries, and the team can quickly get the Spike planted. This agent can help her duelist pick fights against vulnerable and blind enemies on defense.