Best agents to play in Valorant

These are the best agents to play in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 has just rolled out with a bang, introducing a fresh new act to the agent roster. With Chamber in, we have a new list of the best agents to play in Valorant’s the new act. 

Riot Games has added a brand new agent to Valorant’s agent roster in Episode 3 Act 3, furthering the game’s appeal. Chamber brings cutting-edge weapons to Valorant, and players are confused about potentially dropping their favorite Sentinels for the suave Frenchman. Fret not, as we have compiled a list of the top agents to run in the current Valorant meta. 

What’s the best agent to play in Valorant patch 3.10? 

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Jett Valorant

Jett is currently the best Valorant agent in patch 3.10. The duelist is exceptional in her category and remains to be the top pick. Here is how she ranks in the top five. 

1- Jett

Jett’s knives remain unbeatable as no other agent is equipped with such a deadly combination of skills. The duelist is well-prepared for newer agents who might bring more firepower to the table. Moreover, her control and movement tactics with the Operator make her a must-have in all patches and episodes. Jett becomes an unbeatable beast in high ELO games with a suitable healer and support on the roster. 

2- Skye

Skye has unique flashes that garner intel while blindsiding enemies. Her large healing tank makes her a viable pick as compared to Sage, who has limited healing. A passive Skye who gels well with the team can be a game-changer in higher-ranked matches.

However, Skye can be a massive waste in the wrong hands of someone who doesn’t correctly understand her role in the game. 

3- Chamber

Agent 17 is still new, but he’s quickly found his footing in the loaded Valorant roster. For one-tappers and those who excel at sniping, Chamber is the perfect pick. Valorant’s gunplay saw a massive boost with the Sentinel’s addition, who can also teleport and help teammates deal damage to the enemy lineup.

However, Chamber is potentially useless if picked by someone who doesn’t have crisp aim and map knowledge. 

4- Viper 

Viper has found herself a permanent spot on the upper tier of Valorant agents after her rework. Her smokes and a deadly wall make her an ideal Controller to pick. No other Controller in Valorant renders damage as significant as Viper, which helped her to become the best agent to play in Episode 3.

While Viper is a viable pick, her toolkit can backfire. Misplaced walls can put teammates at a disadvantage, providing enemies with proper new angles. 

5- Sova

Sova has remained a star in Valorant since the game’s initial release in 2020. After months of sitting on top of the agent pick rate in professional games, Sova has finally become a more common pick in casual games. His multi-purpose darts and drone are crucial to winning high ELO games, helping him earn a spot on our top five agent list.