These are the 4 best agents for new Valorant players to use

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 15, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant can be puzzling for beginners, thanks to its growing roster of agents that each have unique abilities.

While it might be daunting looking at the whole of Valorant, there are some training wheels to help ease players into things. These ideal agents for Valorant new players can help beginners dip their toes without in-depth knowledge.

Since its release in 2020, Valorant has quickly matured into a top-tier FPS. Despite being new to the genre, Valorant has grown rapidly and invited millions of new players. The game has also retained them thanks to its ability to lure in new players with accessible options.

Who are the easiest agents in Valorant?

While utility usage sits at the heart of Valorant, beginners can get by just fine with their aim and basic flashes. These four agents don’t require tons of custom sessions, thanks to their easily understood toolkits.

1- Breach

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Breach is one of the easiest and safest picks in Valorant for beginners. His utility isn’t tossable, which means lineups aren’t necessary. Moreover, he’s easily replaceable, so skilled teammates likely won’t complain about him being insta-locked in the same way agents like Jett are. Just learn to deploy flashbangs without blinding teammates, and Beach is a strong positive force for any team.

2- Reyna

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Reyna is a forgiving and easy to learn agent. Reyna doesn’t require much effort in the utility department with a simple leer, dismiss, and healing ability. While she is one of the less complex agents, she’s still a risky pick. The agent relies on getting kills more than anyone else in the game and players who are new to shooters as a whole might want to look elsewhere.

But for anyone that’s confident in their aim, Reyna is a strong pick.

3- Raze

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Raze is all about dealing damage with grenades and bazookas. Her primary job is running into the site with a death-dealing RC car that doesn’t require complicated setups and lineups. The agent carries explosives that let her blow up enemies without entering the line of fire.

Raze is also particularly good without any kind of support, making her an ideal solo queue option. New Valorant players can make some big individual plays with this agent.

4- Sage

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Players who hesitate when it comes to locking in duelists can always go for the safe option of Sage. The Sentinel agent can lockdown areas with walls and can heal herself and teammates. Sage players aren’t expected to excel in the aim department, so beginners should be good even if they just focus their efforts on healing and defending.

To win more games after getting a feel for these agents, players should do some custom games. While they’re easy to learn, insta-locking them isn’t recommended as it’d take away from players who might know how to play the four agents better.