smokes to win Inferno

These 3 CT smokes can get you easy wins on Inferno

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Smokes are crucial for winning on Inferno, as they block off terrorists from breaking through key chokepoints. They can become overpowered when placed strategically to create a one-way. 

Inferno is one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s oldest maps. The classic stage carries the 1.6 legacy with rocky architecture and dusty rooms. Inferno is visually pleasing, but it’s incredibly tricky to tackle on the Counter-Terrorists side. Smokes are essential to bag rounds on the CT side. 

These CT one-way smokes by Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski might make the CT-side a tad bit easier. The three lineups require an aggressive player who’s confident enough to pick fights. Here’s how to do the three EliGe smokes to win Inferno. 

Smoke 1: For A shelter

Terrorists have three ways to attack the A site, being through apartments, from short, or through arches. Short is one of the most common entryways as CTs can’t defend this area without risky peeks. EliGe’s one-way towards shelter keeps the enemies from entering A. 

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For this smoke, stand behind the triple boxes on A site and keep your crosshair in the middle of this window. Throw the grenade to create a tactical hole in your smoke. Jump on top of the little wooden cart in order to get a clear view of enemies pushing through mid. 

Smoke 2: For first-mid

Can’t afford an AWP but want to lock down mid? This smoke will help. This requires an aggressive approach and crisp aim. For this smoke, align yourself with the second pillar on the right side and place crosshair under the shelter’s shadow. Toss it to land the smoke in the middle. 

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Walk forward and peek from the right side of the smoke, which has enough vision to let you peak while still obscuring you. Enemies will most likely look to return fire near the center of the pathway or the other side near boiler. 

Smoke 3: Graveyard 

The graveyard is a common angle on the CT side, but it’s also risky. A one-way smoke makes it safer and even deadlier. For the graveyard one-way smoke, keep your crosshair in the middle of the third stair and aim at the corner of the shadow, as seen below. Press right-click and release the grenade. The lower right side of the grenade will have a tiny opening, providing a clear view of enemies pushing in from A-short. 

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These three smokes will strengthen your defenses significantly, allowing you to compensate for lost rounds on T-side. Paired with well-timed flashes, entering A site will become a menace for the terrorists.