“There’s no such thing”: NICKMERCS lashes out at trans community

By Olivia Richman


Jun 12, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Call of Duty streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is doubling down on his transphobic comments despite an immense amount of backlash.

NICKMERCS went viral a year ago for making transphobic comments that hinted LGBTQ+ communities were targeting and harming children. This statement had his bundle removed from Modern Warfare 2, which caused a massive uproar from his fans. Some even claimed they would boycott the game.

NICKMERCS under fire for transphobic hate speech

Despite all of the controversy, NICKMERCS has decided to make unsettling comments once again. During an Elden Ring stream (on Pride Month), NICKMERCS responded to someone calling him a transphobe with: “There’s no such thing as trans people.”

He then hinted that it was as simple as men having penises and women having vaginas. As viewers responded with shock over his possible ignorance and harmful comments, NICKMERCS concluded that he “feels a certain way” about it and has already “said my piece.”

The clip went viral, with X users lashing out at NICKMERCS once again. One user called the denial of trans people “hate speech” and asked Twitch if they would “uphold their own Community Guidelines” by punishing him.

Others simply called out NICKMERCS for his ignorance, pointing out that sex and gender are both different things. His lack of knowledge on the subject made X users even more annoyed that he felt the need to talk about this upsetting topic on such a large platform.

For now, Twitch has yet to respond to the NICKMERCS drama. This has left the streaming community to argue about NICKMERCS on social media, with some agreeing with him that some people are just too sensitive while others have admitted they are alarmed at his bigotry.