Phoenix in Valorant

There’s a secret “Bermuda wall” on Ascent with wallhack

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Weapons and agents are disappearing on Valorant map Ascent, and it’s super spooky. 

Players continue to find bugs and glitches in Valorant, but Riot Games quickly delivers fixes. However, this new bug is unlike any other. Though it may remind you of Omen’s horror teleports, it’s much different and deadlier. Valorant weapons are disappearing on a particular “Bermuda Wall” on Ascent. But that’s not all. Even one agent can take cover inside the bricks, earning bonus wallhack. 

Killjoy’s famous B-site wall is now swallowing everything you throw at it, from agents to weapons. The Bermuda Wall is scary but overpowered if the enemy team has a Phoenix.

Things are disappearing inside the Ascent wall

Valorant Bugs & Glitches highlighted a game-breaking bug that lets Phoenix take cover inside the solid wall and still be able to shoot at enemies. The worst part is that enemies can’t spot him, let alone kill the agent. 

The bug-maestro first discovered that the wall swallows weapons. Throw in a pistol, Operator, or Rifle; it abides in everything. It’s a great spot to hide the spare weaponry to avoid enemies picking them up, but this glitch isn’t that harmless. The Bermuda wall provides a wallhack for Phoenix. 

In order to slip inside the bricks, Phoenix must get on top of the wall with Sage’s help. Once there, he should activate the ultimate after lining up the crosshair precisely, as shown in the video. Phoenix will spawn inside the wall once the ultimate dies down, providing him a clear view of the entire B-site, including the entrance and mid-market. 

From this spot, Phoenix can lock down the entire B-site without being at risk of taking damage. This bug will turn him into an invisible turret-cum-Cypher’s camera, except for one that deals high damage and takes none. So far, the bug works only for Phoenix, but Omen players might be able to pull off the same by finding the perfect lineup, which makes it incredibly broken. 

It’s still a new glitch, so Riot has yet to notice. But it must be patched up soon since it’s basically a Phoenix wallhack on B-site. 

When did Ascent come out? 

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Ascent was part of the original map pool, but it was released after beta due to some necessary iterations. The floating part of Venice was officially released on June 2, 2020. 

Only a few Valorant maps are as balanced as Ascent. Almost all players admire the visually pleasing location due to its classic shooter-game map layout. Vast bomb points divided by an extensive mid-area allow for complex executes in a balanced way. Its entertainment value is also vested in calming visuals and antique architecture.