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There’s a huge MultiVersus balance patch coming after Evo 2022

By Olivia Richman


Aug 1, 2022

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MultiVersus is getting some big balance changes after its massive tournament at Evo 2022 this weekend.

While MultiVersus didn’t release any official patch notes, game director Tony Huynh shared some impactful changes to certain characters on Twitter. This information comes before the $100,000 MultiVersus tournament at Evo, the largest fighting game event of the year. The platform fighter is hoping to be as polished and competitively viable as possible as it enters the competitive FGC scene.

MultiVersus buffs and nerfs coming after Evo 2022

One of the characters on the roster that’s been getting a lot of negative feedback is Bugs Bunny. He is seen as a little too powerful by some especially since he can shoot two rockets simultaneously.

Others, however, are confused why Bugs is being touched at all. Huynh stated that Bugs Bunny is going to be nerfed after Evo in another tweet last week but some are wondering why. Some called him C-tier at best while others felt the dev team was too quick to nerf characters instead of seeing how competitive players adapt to the character after some time grinding the game and competing at Evo.

Other characters are seeing changes as well, however. Tom & Jerry is another classic character that’s seeing fixes after Evo. At the moment, Tom & Jerry is suffering from a concerning bug that has the tag team locked out of attacking. Huynh said on Twitter that this is fixed and will be coming out right after Evo.

Wonder Woman is also seeing some updates once Evo wraps up. A MultiVersus player said on Twitter that it’s “kinda hard to main her” due to such long attack cooldowns and “non-existent” hitboxes. Someone added on Reddit that her whip should have a shorter cooldown since it’s already hard to hit with it.

Huynh responded that Wonder Woman will see some buffs after Evo.

Another superhero is also getting some much-needed attention. Batman’s grapple ability was seeing some blatant glitch issues. Huynh said this problem will be fixed by the time Evo rolls around and also the “post-Evo build.”

Official patch notes will most likely arrive after Evo. But for now, the MultiVersus community is excited to see the first major tournament for the new platform fighter.


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