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The weakest Pokemon ever, according to the lore

By Olivia Richman


Oct 29, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

The weakest Pokemon are much better at making trainers smile than winning any trainer battles.

There are over 920 Pokemon before the release of Scarlet and Violet, but not all of them are created equal. Some Pokemon have consistently been weak in the show or in the game, making them a bad choice for any team. Here are some Pokemon you shouldn’t bother catching.


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Abra may be a cool psychic Pokemon with a great evolution but evolutions don’t save Pokemon from appearing on this list. Abra is weak and defenseless in battle since it only knows one move: Teleport. While it has okay stats, these are irrelevant since Abra can’t even learn any other attacks until it evolves. Literally useless.


Delcatty is a really adorable cat Pokemon but this feline falls short in battle. Generation 7 increased Delcatty’s speed stat to 90 but that is really the only thing that doesn’t fall short for this Pokemon. Its attacks are weak and it also has pretty abysmal defense.


This ladybug Pokemon has left most trainers confused and most opt not to ever use Ledian in battle. It has really high special defense and speed, but this combination doesn’t work very well at all, especially since its attacking stats are trash. There is no point having this Pokemon on your team.


Eevee is another Pokemon that is top-notch in the looks department but falls short in battle. This adorable creature just isn’t good. It’s just not. Even when the games tried to give it a Gigantamax Form and a Z-Move, Eevee remained sort of pointless to have around. Eevee has some great evolutions, of course, but this cute Pokemon is better suited as a companion and should never see a battlefield.


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This little bat-like creature is useless, which is why it can be quite frustrating when you run across a Zubat every few seconds while exploring a cave. Golbat isn’t even much better, meaning there is really no point trying to grind with this wack winged Pokemon. Getting to Crobat is pretty torturous and grindy, so it’s not even worth it. Zubat may be a classic Pokemon from the beloved 151, but now trainers just want it to go away.


This psychic Pokemon learns just one move: Hidden Power. With nothing good going for it, Unown is basically a punching bag for opponents. To make things even worse for Unown, Hidden Power isn’t even a move in later games. Unown may be a cool part of Pokemon lore, maybe it should have stayed in the past.


Metapod is an iconic Pokemon for doing literally nothing. This bug type can learn Tackle if evolved into, but its stats are so crappy that this would not really help in battle. People only tolerate one of the weakest Pokemon that people tolerate just so they can get to Butterfree.


This fish Pokemon is a flop. Literally. It’s annoying trying to get this useless fish to evolve into Gyrados. It has become a bit of a joke Pokémon, but it’s not entertaining enough to use in battle. Just save yourself the frustration.


Golisopod is a beast, but Wimpod definitely got its name for being a wimp. Wimpod is a shy Pokemon that doesn’t want any trouble. All it does is run away when approached, which explains its ability Wimp Out. Wimpod just doesn’t want to fight, which is fine, but obviously it makes Wimpod a terrible choice for any team.


Pokemon is really trying to downplay the first 151 here. Geodude is probably one of the weakest Pokemon you don’t want to bother with. Geodude essentially has no chance against any other opponent. It has low stats and, even wilder, it has six different weaknesses. Geodude is just a waste of time to have around.